BusinessThe Unseen Benefits of a Teardrop Banner

The Unseen Benefits of a Teardrop Banner

Just about any business is about one thing: visibility. A business that isn’t seen is a business that cannot flourish. In contrast, a company that thrives is the one that can garner the greatest visibility and, as a result, sales. So, the question is: Do you want to stand out in a crowd and distinguish your business from the rest?

In the hodge-podge of the modern economy, there is often a frenzy of advertisers and marketers all fighting for the same or a similar customer base. It is already well-established that banners often do a great job reeling attention and accumulating brand value. But why should you consider a teardrop banner?

A Versatile Marketing Sidekick

There is no doubt that a teardrop-style banner is great for advertising your stall at a trade show and can double down when it comes to advertising a business or establishment of any sort.

However, what if you considered that these nifty banners could also point potential customers in your direction? This means that by ensuring strategic placement in registration, admission, and other central offices, one could ensure that their brand receives maximum exposure.

Light On the Pockets

Let’s compare the cost of a banner against that of running an ad in the paper or commercial on television. Most community newspapers in Australia start at $600 for a full-page ad and can extend to $7,000 for a regional paper and even $50,000 for a national one. These are just a few of the standard and approximate rates in the country and can go up or down depending on the exact circumstances.

Now, in terms of a television commercial, depending on the channel and the time of the day, it can range anywhere from $500–$38,000. Again, the exact pricing can come above or beyond the given range, depending on the scenario.

On the other hand, you can purchase a teardrop banner for as little as 50 bucks.

Customisation Is a Walk in the Park

Considering the concept of a banner, it is no surprise that you can design it in any way, per your whim and fancy. Even with the rise of the digital revolution, most Australian consumers prefer to buy things offline! A whopping 40% of Australian customers prefer to purchase offline, and 36% don’t mind either online or offline. All the more reason to invest in these little marketing magicians as you work to drive more customer attention towards your business.

Easy Peasy Set-Up

Yes, it’s no shocker that setting up a banner isn’t rocket science. But, setting up a banner is much easier to set up or take down than you think. This means you need not chase down a ladder or cables. Instead, all you have to do is put up the stand and drape the flag on it. 

It’ll Be Up Around The Clock.

Whether rain or shine, considering that these banners are usually quite durable, it is no surprise that they will be up 24/7. That means no matter the day of the month or the time of the day, anyone in the vicinity of your banner will be exposed to your brand. This, in turn, can go a long way in reinforcing your brand’s image.

A teardrop banner has been known to be massively helpful in grabbing the attention of passersby and converting them into paying customers or prospects. Otherwise, at the very least, they seem to be an all-purpose fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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