The Widening Impact of the Motion Graphic Design Industry in India

When someone says motion graphics, people still tend to think of simple 2D cartoons aimed at children’s entertainment. In India particularly, interest in animated series is taken as a sign of immaturity. But despite this, the number of animation lovers is increasing by the day.

With the growing popularity of 3D animation, visual effects, and special effects in video games, fantasy dramas, mythological series, and even superhero movies, motion graphics design is grabbing everyone’s attention. And if you’re interested to build a career in this field, there’s never been a better time to pursue a motion graphics course.

The industry is rapidly expanding in India and influencing other sectors with its vast scope. Let’s look at how the motion graphic design industry is impacting the Indian market.

  • Entertainment Industry

If you look at old movies or TV shows, you’ll notice that visual effects were mostly achieved through lighting, design of the set, and other props. But in recent decades, much priority is given to visual design. For example, if we compare the spinning motion of Shaktiman to the assembling effect of pixel-like parts of Ra.One, we can see the former does not look realistic. A motion graphics course helps you design scenes that look real and surreal.

  • Game Industry

Video games were always popular in India but the pandemic-induced lockdown transformed the way gaming is perceived. It is no longer limited to a hobby but has become a potential source of income. Leading gaming studios like Reliance Games, Gametion, etc. are leveraging the advancements in motion graphic design to develop games that suit the Indian gamer. The gaming industry also has a high demand for motion graphic professionals. And if you aspire to be one, a motion graphic course is the way to go.

  • Pop Culture

Japanese animation has gained huge popularity among Indian viewers. To keep up with this trend and with the advancements in the motion graphic design industry in India, Studio Durga was set up with the vision of establishing India’s own anime industry. It even went on to bag the first prize in the Best Animation Short category for Karmachakra. Motion graphic design has evolved the animation landscape in the country and helped India make a mark in the global market.

  • Business

Today, videos are at the forefront of the marketing initiatives of many businesses. From explainer videos to client testimonials, videos are an excellent tool to appeal directly to the target audience. Not only big corporate firms but even MSMEs leverage motion graphicsin video marketing to expand their business. It helps them create videos that are interactive, informative, and communicate the brand story in a creative way.

Final Thoughts

With constant developments in technology, the motion graphics industry in India is evolving every day. These developments have opened a sea of opportunities for people who want to build a career in this field. And if you’re one of them, you must enroll in a motion graphic course to master the right skills and tools. With leading institutes like Pearl Edge, you can know about Motion Graphics Course in detail and kick start an exciting career.