There are 7 types of wood floors that are perfect for your home

Wood flooring has a timeless appearance that has stood the test of time. Solid wood and engineered wood are the two most common forms of wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is comprised of solid wooden planks. Floor sanding and polishing Brisbane is an example of solid wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring features a wood overlay on top of an artificial, strengthened underlayment that isn’t composed of wood. It’s critical to pick the type of flooring you want in your home. Here are some different types of wood floor¬† to consider for your home.

Mahogany Wood Flooring

Mahogany is distinguished by its deep brown-red hue and striped appearance. The durability and longevity of mahogany wood are well-known. It is extremely resilient and long-lasting. Your home will have a rustic and timeless appeal with mahogany hardwood flooring.

Pinewood Flooring

Pine is somewhat softwood, and thus it is prone to fractures, scars, and scuffing. It has a remarkable depth of color, particularly when tarnished, and fascinating pinholes with knots, as well as a unique grainy design. It will beautifully age with time, and you’ll come to appreciate its beauty even more than you did when it was initially placed.

Ash Wood Flooring

Ashwood is a versatile wood. It is rigid and robust yet pliable. The hue of the wood is rather light. It can also take on a white tint. A lively wood texture complements the light tone, giving it a warm, natural appearance. Wipe the ash wooden floors with a dry towel to clean them. Ruggedness is also conveyed by ash.

Oakwood Flooring

The most popular lumber species for floors are oak. It is frequently mauve or gray in color. Despite its ability to withstand strong blows, oak is susceptible to scrapes. To avoid the destruction of heavy things, install a furniture cushion. The soft brush element on the vacuum cleaner may be used to wipe your oak wooden floors.

Flooring made of maple wood

Because of its light tone, hardness, and extremely fine arrangement, maple wood floor restoration is a popular choice in many houses. It has a high density as well. Maple wood is commonly seen in bowling lanes, indicating that it is durable enough to handle foot activity in your home.

Teak Wood Flooring

The rare wood is known for its sturdiness. It’s one of the toughest and most durable timbers available. Teak is the gold grade of hardwood and floors, and it has a well-deserved reputation for elegance and ageless beauty. Its rich coloration and long-lasting gloss give any room a refined feel. The teak that has been allowed to mature naturally is stunning. When used as wooden floors, it gives a distinct combination of classic charm and sophisticated sass to any dwelling when used as flooring.

Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry hardwood is a prominent flooring choice. However, it is quite expensive due to its envious beauty. Cherry wood has a rich, cozy tone but also has a vintage feel. It does have a reddish tint that is flexible and features visible grains. It is photosensitive, though, and is likely to deepen during the first few months following application


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