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Things to know before purchasing a Bosch circular saw

Machine evolvement and development in various sectors have been a great approach in both Kenya and other parts of the world over the years. This advancement has led to a gradual increase in the level of quality products in both the private and public sectors. Woodwork is among the sectors that have been hit by the advancement. A Bosch circular saw is a machine primarily designed to make wood cuttings such as cross-cuts and rip cuts.

This article focuses on the things to beware of when purchasing a Bosch circular saw.


Bosch circular saw professional applicants have the target of increasing quality production. To achieve this and at the same time have a satisfying experience with the Bosch circular saw, one should know the following before purchasing one.

  • Dust management

Bosch circular saw has an inbuilt blower that clears off the dust in every cutting line. This ensures that all the cutting lines made are neat and presentable. In addition to having an inbuilt blower,Bosch circular saws have a vacuum port which comes in handy for better dust management.

  • Capacity

The hand-held Bosch circular saw has a blade capacity of around 190mm and Its revolution per minute ranges around  5500rpm. Other features include;

  1. The maximum cutting capacity in wood at 90° is 67mm
  2. The maximum cutting capacity in wood at 45° is 49mm
  3. Saw blade diameter of 184mm
  4. Saw blade bore diameter of 20mm
  5. Tool dimension in length is 260mm
  6. Tool dimension in height is 280
  • Price

Price is a major consideration in the purchasing process. Bosch circular saw price in Kenya is quite favorable, making it affordable to both the small-scale and large-scale professional applicants. The prices are determined by the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. Better quality comes with a slightly higher price compared to those of low quality. To avoid going back to the market soon after purchasing one, one should consider a high-quality Bosch circular saw from a reputable manufacturer which comes with a warrant of about one to three years.

  • Handling and efficiency

A Bosch circular saw is suitable for all professional applicants. This is made possible by;

  1. It’s lightweight that mainly ranges between 4.2kg and 7kgs. This makes it easy to lift and slide it from one point to another, hence achieving fatigue-free work
  2. Its low vibration- This allows one to work in an environment with low noise production hence reducing ear- problems associated with noise
  3. It’s smooth cutting – Smooth cutting increases accuracy and efficiency. It also allows the production of neat and presentable products

In addition, it has a quick-adjust, lock base, and fence to select desired lengths and miter cuts, and also, a solid spindle lock for changing blades with an onboard Allen key and a two-finger safety switch.


Bosch circular saw is one of the best and most used on various materials, all over the world due to its features and benefits. This article can be used for reference before purchasing a Borch circular saw.

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