Things to look for when buying a face mask


As long as the Omicron, the contagious variant of coronavirus, prolongs the pandemic, face masks will remain an essential part of people’s lives. Depending on the spread of COVID-19, officials continue to update the mask guidelines. Though the mask restriction in Australia has eased significantly in 2022, wearing an N95/ P2 face mask in Australia is still compulsory in certain situations, like travelling on public transportation and visiting medical facilities or aged-care centres.

Moreover, the Australian government states that everyone aged 12 years and above must wear a face mask in every indoor public space and when they can’t physically distance themselves from others. A face mask is undoubtedly an essential tool used throughout the pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus. So if you still want to protect yourself and those around you from this deadly virus, you should wear a mask. If you have a specific relevant medical condition, wearing a mask stops viruses from spreading in the air when you talk, cough, sneeze or laugh. Or can even lower your chances of catching the virus if you come in contact with someone with the symptoms.

Finding a face mask for different situations

Like every other consumer product, face masks come in various designs and fabrics. Remember, different masks provide different levels of protection, so you must buy the one depending on your specific needs. While loosely woven cloth masks provide minimal protection, finely woven, layered masks offer extra protection. On the other hand, N95 and P2 masks give even more protection. When worn correctly, P2 and N95 can offer the highest protection against the deadly virus as they can filter up to 95% of airborne particles.

Here are a few things you need to look for to help you find the best face mask for yourself. Continue reading!

Material of the mask

When choosing a face mask, the first thing you need to choose is the mask’s material from which it is made. As said, masks are available in a variety of materials. You will find a disposable face mask that should be ideally thrown away after a single usage; then, there are cloth masks that can be washed and reused several times. Besides this, there are also disposable masks that are durable and can be used several times. You can choose the one depending on the level of protection you need and breathability.

Number of layers

To get the best protection against contagious viruses like coronavirus, experts recommend wearing a mask with a minimum of two layers. People usually opt for wearing two separate masks for that added protection. However, it affects breathability. Hence, choosing an appropriately layered face mask that offers the utmost safety is advisable.


Whichever material or layered mask you choose, make sure that it should provide a good fit. It should fit closely on your face without leaving any gaps along the edges or around the nose. Moreover, you must be comfortable wearing it. If you have gone through a collection of face masks, you might have understood that only some face masks are made the same. While some are tight around the ears, some have gaps around the cheeks, and others don’t cover your nose and mouth adequately. This is because masks are designed and tailored for different face structures and sizes. You would need to find the best-fitted face mask that covers your face appropriately and offers you the protection you need.

That was it! You must keep three key things in mind when buying a P2 face mask in Australia. You can narrow down your choices based on the above-said criteria and find the one that best suits you. Remember, effectiveness should be your primary concern when choosing a face mask.