You want a supportive environment at your workplace so that you can be more productive. They say you get what you give, so if you want to support, you must initiate similar support to your colleagues. Only when you are helpful to others can you expect help from them. But, helping others might not come naturally to you. Some people are competitive in nature; they can only get ahead if they leave someone behind, but that is not a good approach to life at all. If you want to go far, you must learn to build a team and walk together. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips to be more helpful at work.

Ask Before Helping: The first mistake one can make while being helpful to others is not asking. You might think a colleague needs help, but in reality, she might not. If you try to help her without asking her, she might take it otherwise. One may think you are trying to undermine their work or do not believe in their ability to finish the work. Even though your intentions were good, your approach to things might not be right. So, always ask before you offer help to others.

Be Kind: You are judged by the way you interact with others. So, before you judge others for their lack of work ethics or mismanagement, be kind. You do not know what that person is struggling with. So, even if you do not like the outcome of their effort, be kind to them. People will feel more comfortable coming to you and sharing their stories when you are kind.

Be Honest: If someone asks for your review on project work, always be honest. You can be kind and honest at the same time. Don’t sugarcoat things to make the truth less hurtful. Your honest review and positive output will help one grow and perform better.

Whistleblowing: Workers often get abused and treated badly by their seniors. One getting verbally or physically abused may complain the same to the HR. This type of behavior should not be a norm in the workplace. Believe them if a co-worker comes to you for help and support after being physically or sexually abused. As a colleague and a fellow human being, you must believe in them and ask them to take proper actions.

It takes courage to come out with one’s truth. So, when one talks about their trauma, you should believe them. Let them know you are there for them. Someone undergoing such treatment may check out the Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower protection law to learn more about the legal procedure. Make sure your colleague protects himself or herself before they accuse someone in the office. The whistleblower protection law ensures that the victim will not be unjustly fired during or after the trial.

Collaborative Effort: At times, a project will finish faster if you collaborate with someone else. Be willing to collaborate with people who can help you with the work. When you are open to working with anyone, it shows your strength and team spirit. Big goals cannot be achieved on your own. So, you must be available to share your victory and praises with the team.