Top 10 Features Of Emergency Notification System For Senior Living Communities

The medical systems, which are famously known as emergency response systems, give users a fast and more reliable way to communicate health issues. In addition to this, older people living alone could benefit from these notification systems as it makes them directly in touch with their nearest hospital to respond in times of emergency. If we have to put it in layman terms, these contain a button that will dial up an emergency response centre and connect the user with the live agent.

In its most basic form, this emergency notification system for senior care uses a landline. It comes with a base unit and a portable help button to quickly wear around in their house. Additionally, some notification systems are now cellular and have GPS-based mobile solutions for people who love to travel and are constantly changing places.

On the other hand, these GPS-based notification systems will alert the response centre as soon as they detect a fall. Today we will find out the benefits of using these emergency notification systems to aid the senior call button living in the community and how these features have now become essential in the medical field who are taking care of the aged.

What Are The Necessary Equipment Required For The Medical Alert System?

The other name of the medical alert system is the crisis communication system, and in most cases, these systems work on the landline connection. The user needs to plug in the phone jack using their included phone cord and plug the home phone into the secondary jack in the same unit. Now the user has to wait for the whole system to start up, and the LED indicators turn green. If you look at it, the base unit will look more like a speakerphone, and it does perform as a double-duty product. But still, its primary purpose is to connect the individual to the live emergency response agent without them having to go and pick up the phone in times of emergency.

Different Types Of Medical Alert Systems

The seniors of the modern world are continuing to be living in their own homes and enjoying a more self-centred lifestyle than ever before. With the help of medical alert systems, the technology has streamlined communication for senior care. Several medical alert systems are present in the market right now, making it challenging to choose which one to buy. There are three main types of medical alert systems. These are landline systems, mobile systems, and in-vehicle systems.

Top 10 Features Which You Get In Emergency Notification System

1) Battery Charged

The alert systems, which are always connected to the phone wirelessly, come with their battery, which can be charged just like your regular smartphones. These machines can be charged using a USB type-a or USB type-c charger. Also, being a battery-based notification system, some of them come with removable batteries. When one battery is charging, the other is inserted into the machine to run without a break.

2) Number Of Sensors

In addition to rechargeable batteries, these systems come with different sensors that can automatically keep a close watch on the heart rate and the patient’s body temperature. If these sensors find any anomaly, they will alert the individual. If the condition is severe, the system will ask the individual to call the emergency response agencies and connect with them on immediate basics.

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3) Waterproof

There was a time when these systems were newly introduced. At that time, you cannot take them in the shower as it can give users a shock or stop working. Now, most mobile emergency notification systems are durable and come with a waterproof coating to keep them safe in showers and heavy rain.

4) Wireless

Being a wireless device, these systems won’t make the user feel trapped in one place to stick to a machine. The user can move freely in the house and even go out on their balconies to enjoy fresh breath, and still, the system will be connected to the hub.

5) GPS

The introduction of GPS was necessary as users might want to go out for a car ride, and the people who are taking care of them must be in touch with them and know their exact location. These emergency systems come with GPS, which is always working and tracking the user and giving the information to their family members or the appointed staffing system for senior care.

6) Voice Activated

With modern tech, when one can buy products online using voice commands, a medical notification machine must understand and react to the voice commands. As a result, companies have started making their systems equipped with speech processing power to make the communication between patient and machine much more manageable.

7) Inexpensive And Higher Availability

With the growing need for these medical alert systems for elderly patients, more and more companies are jumping into this new med-tech market. As a result, the systems are now coming up with several features while still being easily affordable and available in the market.

8) 24×7 Monitoring

An emergency situation can arise anytime, and there is no way one can know beforehand to be alert about it. Thus, most of these alert system’s customer service is online 24×7 and makes their agents work in day and night shifts to always help the user even in the middle of the night.

9) Voice Assistant Enabled

Some of the modern emergency notification systems can now be integrated into your favourite voice assistant so the system can work with the beloved smart home tech. The integration with voice assistants can easily open new realms of connectivity for these machines.

10) Partnerships

Some companies have partnered with the driver services like Uber, which can take the individual from their home to the nearest hospital. Or they have partnered with hospital chains to provide instant medical deployment to the user’s home in case of urgency.

In Conclusion

So now you know a lot more about these emergency notification systems for seniors. These are machines that are specifically designed for keeping the seniors safe and medical scenarios from becoming life-threatening.

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