FashionTop 10 laptop backpacks for women to buy this 2021

Top 10 laptop backpacks for women to buy this 2021

Having a backpack is an excellent solution to store your laptop, chargers and other accessories. An on-the-go answer to all your storage woes, backpacks can help you when you are travelling to work or school. That said, we give you 10 laptop backpacks for women you can buy this 2021.

But before that, take a look at the benefits of having a laptop backpack.

1. Safety

No one wants to put their laptop at risk, especially when you are traveling. A backpack can protect your laptop from weather, scratch, dust, theft, etc. Regardless of the backpack you choose, do not compromise on quality and safety.

2. Easy-to-carry

Laptop backpacks must be comfortable to carry on your shoulders without straining your neck. This way your hands will remain free making it easy to travel comfortably.

3. Good Storage capacity

Laptop backpacks for women should have more than one compartment as it increases the storage limit. Look for backpacks with multiple compartments so that you can store your headphones, USB cable, pen drive, beverage, etc. apart from the laptop and its charger.

4. Warranty

Many laptop backpacks for women come with an excellent warranty as a backup for their product. Ensure that the product you purchase comes with a good warranty period in case you want to repair or replace it.

5. Weight of the backpack

While purchasing a backpack, make sure to enquire about the laptop bag. Look for a bag that is neither too heavy nor too light as heavy backpacks can become heavier to carry after you insert the laptop and other elements.

Top laptop backpacks to buy this 2021

1. Anti-theft laptop backpack

That’s right – laptop backpack for women. Trending and new, few brands have launched an anti-theft laptop backpack that comes with strong, resistant construction. The key highlight of this bag is it doesn’t have a front zipper and has a secure rear opening. The anti-theft feature is the outer shell that is made using unbreakable fiber.

2. Waterproof laptop bag

Top brands are launching waterproof laptop backpacks that come with an external USB cable, port, and built-in charging cables as well. This way you can charge your phone while traveling.

3. Travel-cum-laptop backpack

For professional travelers and photographers who love to roam the world with a camera and laptop, this is the best. It stores all your items successfully. It comes with side mesh, expandable pockets to store your gadgets as well as beverages properly.

4. Casual laptop backpack for women

A simple, conventional laptop backpack, this is a casual backpack that keeps your laptop and its accessories safe and secure. You will find a large compartment with multiple compartments, good functionality and is available in different designs as per your preference.

5. Everyday laptop backpack for women

Be it daily work, gym, or a business trip, you need a laptop backpack that is easy to handle and comfortable to carry around. Many brands launched trendy looks which you can flaunt in front of your friends.

6. Laptop briefcases

Many business women love to carry laptop briefcases to their offices. Really? A briefcase to carry a laptop? Why not? Giving a sophisticated and refined look, laptop briefcases are really trending.

7. Laptop totes

For the love of totes…!!! If you love tote bags, then you are surely going to love this laptop tote bag. A casual as well as formal laptop handbag for businesswomen, you can buy laptop totes that contain all the features based on your needs.

8. Heavy-duty backpacks

Whether you are a college student or a corporate workforce, having a laptop backpack is the perfect hands-free alternative to bags. Many heavy-duty backpacks feature multiple compartments, made using strong zippers and durable quality materials.

9. Laptop messenger leather bag

A laptop messenger leather bag is a stylish and classy way to carry your laptop. However, it is not recommended while taking public transportation.

10. Laptop sling bags

Sling bags are compact and are designed to fit laptops. Moreover, they are padded to ensure optimum protection. They sit on your shoulder and offer good security especially when you are traveling.


Laptops are a huge investment so make sure to invest in a standard backpack without compromising on all the above factors.

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