Top 4 Things you Should Know About PKI Certificates

Since the invention of the internet, people all over the world have been concerned about data privacy; however, before the introduction of the internet, people probably did not do business online; however, since the emergence of e-commerce, the risk of the online data breach has increased due to the sharing of sensitive information such as bank account details and health care information.

A PKI certificate was formed to protect the people from the data breach. PKI enables secure data transfer between two endpoints. PKI certificates refer to the X.509 digital certificates that use public-key encryption. These certificates covers a variety of tasks, including server identity verification, data encryption and decryption, and digital signature attachment to software and documents. Check out this website to know more about the PKI certificate. But we’ll discuss other things about different PKI Certificates and their benefits in this blog which are not covered by others.

PKI Certificates are available in a variety of forms.

There are four different types of PKI certificates, each of which serves a specific purpose. So, let’s take a look at these certificates to learn more about them.

SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security)

SSL/TLS certificates ensure secure data transfer between a website’s server and the browsers. The public key will be obtained by the devices to validate the server’s identification. Website owners must install an SSL certificate on the server where the website is hosted to ensure secure data transfer.

Email signing certificate.

Nowadays, the majority of communications are made through email, regardless of whether they are personal or business conversations. Email signing certificates allow users to protect all types of email communications, improve email security, and ensure that your communication with your receiver is not leaked or viewed by anyone else.

Code signing certificate.

The code signing certificate is used by software, drivers, and apps to prove the validity of the software. Many consumers avoid downloading unknown software or apps because they are concern about their data privacy. Therefore, it is critical for software developers to incorporate code signing certificates into their software to assure users that their software is safe to download and use. These certificates are come in various formats: organizational validation (OV) and individual validation (IV) (IV).

Document signing certificate.

Important documents uploaded to the internet are protected with a document signing certificate. No one can modify your document if you use a document signing certificate, and it also ensures the validity of the person who sends it, so recipients can be confident that the document they get by a legitimate user.

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Many people believe that big companies’ websites are safe to use because they take proper measures to protect their data. However, this is not entirely true since many websites are operating online that are not safe to use, and some websites seem to be real but are not. This is why it is critical to use PKI Certificates for commercial websites.

A PKI certificate ensures that the website with which you’re communicating is legitimate. PKI certificates, in general, have played an important role in the protection of data and the authentication of websites, documents, and email id. These certificates are used by several companies to protect their data from malicious threats.