NewsTop 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Try This Summer

Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Try This Summer


When it comes to bathroom renovations, the sky is the limit. Ask any designer worth their salt and they are likely to point towards a gazillion possibilities when it comes to bathroom renovations.

A bathroom renovation is an exciting activity for an individual or a family. Being one of the most personal and intimate of all spaces, we always want our bathrooms to be an extension of who we are. If done right, bathroom renovations can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

They can add value to a property as well as create a project where the whole family can come together and give their inputs.

In the following sections of the article, we list down the top five bathroom renovation ideas you can try this coming summer.

List of the Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to try this Summer

1. Green, Eco-friendly, and Natural Outlays-

In the past few years, several designers are promoting the use of natural plants, sunlight, and ventilation in bathrooms. This not only helps in keeping the bathroom clean and fresh but also creates a positive and holistic environment.

With all of us trying to weed out chemical elements in our skincare, shampoos, and makeup, going green in your bathroom can be the next logical step. The flow of natural sunlight into the bathroom will keep it smelling fresh and lively the entire day.

2. Create Extra Storage Spaces-

How often have you walked into a bathroom and seen cleaning equipment, soiled towels, and other stuff lying around in the open? The answer is quite a lot of times. This is why extra storage spaces in the bathroom are always a great idea.

Small cubby holes, magic shelves and tucked away dressers can add a lot of storage options for your bathroom stocks, knick-knacks, and innerwear. It can also make your bathroom appear clean and simplistic and ensure that you do not spend too much time cleaning it every time.

3. Upgradation of Bathroom Fittings-

Any bath remodel project is incomplete if you are not upgrading to a shiny new set of bathroom fittings. It is important to change your fittings regularly to ensure that you do not face any untoward or unpleasant events because of them.

In the last few years, bathroom fittings have evolved and become quite aesthetically attractive. Good fittings like showers can help take put a lot of pressure from your tired muscles leaving you feeling fresh and awesome. Investments must be made in this area.

4. Colored Walls for Freshness and Brightness-

Going minimal with simple white-colored walls in the bathroom is great. This is in tune with a minimalistic outlay and design. However, throwing in some color for fun can be a great way to liven up the entire environment within the bathroom.

You can either go for paint options or explore the numerous textured wallpapers that are trending in a bathroom renovation. Either way, throwing in some brightness can help you start your day fresh and also allow others to be wowed by your wall color choices.

5. Small Textured Tiles for the Floor-

One of the leading bathroom designers of all time states that small textured tiles are making a comeback in 2021. Bathrooms are known to be notorious for slip and fall accidents. If you have elderly parents or very young kids, you might want to add some texture to improve grip levels.

For enhanced visual appeal, there is always the possibility of mixing and matching several different colors and designs. This will help create a nice and quirky feel to the bathroom and ensure that much-needed aesthetic boost to your bathroom interiors.

The Bottom Line

People often undertake bathroom renovation projects once every two to three years. In terms of investment, this is not like breaking the bank. On the good side, real estate agents point out that having a well-designed and attractive bathroom helps add valuation to a home. You will need to know about resurfacing.

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