Top 5 Mobile Apps for Weather

If you always remember your umbrella after it starts raining or forget your jacket at home only to arrive freezing to work, a Mobile Weather Application (App) makes sure you will be prepared, come rain or shine.

Mobile Weather Apps are fully customizable to your exact location and using storm and doppler radar technology, users can obtain first hand live updates about localised weather conditions with reliable and accurate forecasts that you can trust.

During weather emergencies and severe weather events Mobile Weather Apps will alert users with notifications so you can be ready to face the weather with confidence.

Below we feature Top 5 Mobile Apps for the Weather for you:

  • Weather App

The Weather Mobile App is a free-to-use tool for all your weather needs. It provides users with detailed and accurate short and long range weather forecasts and many other information, all in one place.

Using the handy Weather Mobile App Widget users can be always up to date on The weather in their particular area with hourly and daily forecasts as well in addition to temperature, pressure, wind and storm information as well. 

Users of this App can obtain detailed weather forecasts for the next seven days and other information such as precipitation, visibility, temperature and wind speeds as well.

Users of this App can also access and track weather patterns in multiple worldwide locations with local weather alerts issued three times a day.

If you want to know when the sun or moon will rise or set, the temperature across the day and any chances of rain, the Weather Mobile App has got you covered.

  • AccuWeather

With the AccuWeather Mobile App, users can stay ahead of the daily forecast for your locality. Using this App, users can easily and quickly obtain weather alerts, breaking forecast news, the weather outlook for the day and much more

The Radar Accuracy of the App Developer provides detailed and accurate weather radar maps that help live alerts and detailed reports clearer to understand.

Using this App, users can prepare for the next day and be ready for the weather and you can also plan ahead with a 45-day weather outlook as well for your region.

The App’s weather tracker enables users to obtain real time live alerts so they can get ahead and stay ahead. The App also showcases video content and weather-related articles to help better grasp why local weather patterns are taking place. 

  • The Weather Channel App

The Weather Channel Mobile App is a comprehensive weather information service that assists users to get ready for the weather that lies ahead with accurate and reliable forecasting.

This App provides an at a glance snapshot view of the day’s weather with localised alerts for storms, tornadoes and any type of severe weather events. Using Storm Radar technology, users can obtain forecasts for up to 15 days ahead so planning an outdoor event is a real breeze.

The Weather Channel Mobile App Development makes keeping in touch with the weather simple and easy with detailed weather information and analysis. The App also provides real-time rain notifications so you know when to carry your umbrella. This App offers premium access through in-app purchases as well.

  • Carrot Weather

With the Carrot Mobile Weather App users can not only be informed of the weather with hourly, daily and weekly forecasts but also be fascinated with unusual weather-related facts from the past.

This App makes predicting the weather interesting and premium members can view the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past or 10 years into the future.

The Carrot Weather App keeps throwing crazy and mysterious weather at you and users can also follow in-app clues to discover and explore unknown places. Users can furthermore customize the App widget so you can see what weather Carrot’s is sharing without having to open the App.

  • Weather Underground

The Weather Underground Mobile Weather App utilises over 250,000 domestic personal weather stations and its very own proprietary forecast technology to provide users with a precise weather prediction at a hyper-local level.

Users can also obtain customizable weather alerts and warnings for severe weather related events so you can always be aware. This App also displays information about the humidity, wind direction and speed and temperature forecasts as well so you know when to do your laundry.

The App’s reliable storm radar lets you know about potential and active hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, flooding and more. Users can start planning as well because this Android App Development can provide a forecast for up to 10 days ahead so you can get a feel for the weather during a certain period as well. Users can also access detailed interactive weather maps and visualisations of local forecasts as well.


Mobile Weather Apps help make life easier, your daily commute smarter and always ensure you stay dry with precise and accurate forecasting technology that you can trust and rely upon. Download a Mobile Weather App and save the day.