Top 5 Text Video Software You Must Know


If you are a content creator who specializes in making videos and developing content around it then you must know about the typography needs of your videos. These are created to convey a message and sometimes to highlight things some text also needs to be embedded inside. This way the specific message of the video or the stance that the creator wants to take can be fulfilled. As it happens there are a bunch of different tools for text embedding and converting your text into a beautiful animated video out there, each and every one of them is different in terms of the customizability options and whatnot. So to have a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into here is a quick review of the top ones;

1. Adobe after effects

It is a powerful and widely used video editing software that allows you to create videos, edit them, and embed all sorts of effects and texts into it to make your videos stand out. This software is available for a flat monthly fee and it supports almost all types of operating systems out there including Windows and even Mac OS. You can find a bunch of online videos teaching you how to add texts into videos using adobe after effects.

2. Typito

It is an online platform that allows you to upload the very videos you want to work on and then embedding text into these. This text video software offers a unique and almost perfect user interface for letting users get to things at their own pace and learning the art of adding text in different styles, formats, and color options. If you are a beginner with video editing then it is a perfect tool for you.

3. Mango Animate Text Video Maker

This is kind of a new installation in the market and takes the art of video animation to the next possible level. Instead of adding text to the videos, you can enter your text and the smart AI on this text video software will then help you to create videos around that text. It can be anything, something you are working on, something you want to have inspiration around, just place your text in the text section and see the magic happen. See your text gets converted into lively animations while providing the user with full control of video development and finishing it up by using plenty of resources already pre-built into this amazing tool.

It will produce a lot of different templates and stuff for you to see and then picking out the one that really stands out to your needs. Video making has never been this easier.

4. Adobe Premiere pro

If you are a professional video maker who has to use a variety of text from time to time and in quite diverse alterations too then this text video software is the right tool for you. It helps you to add a variety of texts into your videos and change not only the format but also the design and fonts of the text according to your needs.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is not only a text video software but also a perfect tool that you can use for the sake of creating product demos and related videos. It makes your work easy by providing you with a bunch of templates to go with and for the addition of text all you have to do is to write it in a provided box, select the style and font of the text and its position in the video and it would start appearing at that very segment.