Top 9 T Shirt Printing Design Trends of 2021


Fashion trends are always changing, including the printing designs for T-shirts. Keeping up to date on what becomes the hottest trend in T shirt printing design can elevate your fashion style. Wondering what printing designs for T-shirts that are on trend now? Well, here are 9 trends of printing patterns to pick up.

#1. Go Green

The Go Green campaign has a strong influence in the fashion industry now. It seems that more people want to show their contribution to environmental sustainability. That becomes one of the reasons why nature shirts are on trends now. Some of the most popular printing designs used in T-shirts are planets, animals, florals, and any other natural beauty patterns. These printing designs will not only look super stylish but also can remain people of the continuity of our planet.

#2. Collage

Collage in T shirt printing designs are back on trend! If you recall, the popularity of collage patterns never really fades away. It always comes back on trend every year. That is why, picking up a T-shirt with a collage pattern on it will never look out of date. One of the best things about a collage design on T-shirts is that you can put your favorite things all at once in one pattern. Either it is your favorite foods, musicians, arts, or sports, you can have them all in one design. You can even create a craftier look for your T-shirt simply by designing your own collage online. Then, you can print the design on a plain making your own t shirt designs shirt for a more stylish but custom look.

#3. Abstract

Another popular T shirt printing pattern in the fashion industry now is abstract designs. It is not only cool but can also be a great way to make a fashion statement. You can show people your artistic sense by wearing a T-shirt with abstract designs. Pick up T-shirts with unusual but interesting shapes, colors, and textures for a bolder fashion statement.

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#4. Pocket Art

If you prefer a minimalist but unique design of custom T shirt printing, pocket art patterns can be one of the best options to take. This design is now the talk of the town, thanks to the popular Netflix special, Marie Kondo’s. The show has brought the hype of a dainty pocket art in the fashion industry. This small but flattering artwork can bring the minimalist design of your T-shirt to a different level.

#5. Basic Texts

Basic texts are a popular printing design on T-shirts for some good reasons. They can be a great and fun way for you to spread messages about something you like or value the most. You can choose to use the text shirts to show people some uplifting quotes. Not only that but you can also use them to make people smile with your favorite jokes.

#6. International Flair

Consider yourself as an advocate for global citizens? Well, you can strengthen your status by wearing a T-shirt that has an international flair design on it. This unique and ethnic design is a fun way to demonstrate your passion in cultures of other societies. Foreign landscapes, mandalas, tribal prints and other cultural objects are now one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry.

#7. Metallic and Gold

Consider a metallic and gold printed T-shirt design to help you improve your fashion game. It doesn’t only look glamorous on your T-shirt but also creates futuristic vibes for your fashion style. Gold, silver, and other glitzy colors printed on T-shirts are what you need to look more stylish. Additionally, you will not run out of ideas when using this design since it comes with a bunch of color and aesthetic options.

#8. Bright Colors

T-shirts with bright colors can cheer up your life especially in the cooler months of the year. Meanwhile, the bright colors of the T-shirts will look great on sunny days during the warmer seasons. That is why T-shirts with bright colors are big in the fashion industry today.

#9. Comics

No matter how old you are, comics as a T shirt printing will always look cute. So, don’t hesitate to pick up T-shirts with the favorite cartoons or comic characters of your childhood. It will be a perfect way for you to have clothing with a lot of personality.

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