Top Award Design Trends In 2022

When celebrating your employee’s achievement, you want to offer something that will be both memorable and meaningful. For this reason, it is vital to have a good understanding of the trends that will be in fashion in 2022.

This way, you will be in a better position to know what kind of award design to go for when you want to reward the employees in your organization. However, it is vital to note various factors when deciding on the right award design.

These include the cost of the award, your budget, and the status you want to achieve. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance when choosing a suitable award for your employees. As a result, here is a list of award trends that you should consider when deciding on the right award design in 2022:

1. Trophies

One of the award trends that you should consider is the use of trophies. As one of the most popular forms of the award, they are a great way to recognize your employees’ achievements. However, they are also an excellent way to share the glory with your employees as you hold them up in front of everyone as trophies at a rally or event.

You can consider having trophies made in the form of crystal engraved with your company logo. This way, they will represent the excellence your organization aims to achieve and the hard work your employees are putting in.

Thus, they will use it as a reminder of their achievement and motivation to keep working hard to win more awards in the future. In addition to this, you can also choose trophies made of marble or wood. These materials are excellent because they will appear more traditional and elegant than crystal trophies.

If you consider using this type of award, it will be best to go with a custom trophy. This is because skilled artists have the experience to engrave the design you want on the trophy. Thus, you can be sure of an original design that will look beautiful and meaningful to all who receive it.

2. Custom Medals

Another one of these trends is the use of custom medals to reward your employees. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same purpose: to acknowledge achievement. Thus, you will be able to make whoever receives the medal a part of the organization’s history.

For example, you can get medals made of gold and silver if you want them to be expensive and elaborate. This will signify achievement and success to all who receive them. In addition, you can also get medals made from other materials if you want them to be less expensive. This is because many materials are affordable nowadays but still look respectable when used on an award.

You can even consider having different shapes of medals for different kinds of achievements. For example, you could have a medal made in the shape of a star or a cross for the year’s best performer. Thus, this will be a great way to recognize your team’s hard work at an awards ceremony.

Furthermore, you can also consider having customized medals made to achieve uniqueness. It will be more memorable than the mass-produced ones at most awards ceremonies. Thus, it will impact and motivate those receiving it more than standard medals.

3. Branding

Another award trend you should consider is branding to promote your business or cause. For instance, you can engrave your business logo or name on decorative glass panels or etched onto crystal medallions or other materials.

This way, your employees will be constantly reminded of their achievements, motivating them to do better for their efforts. This will also help your staff feel that they are part of the organization.

4. Personalized Plaques

One of the most recent trends in award design is personalizing award plaques. This is because you can use it for the employee’s locker or other prize-winning displays where it will be visible to all who visit the employee. This is why it is crucial to have a personalized plaque designed especially for your employees.

Thus, you should ensure that the engraving on the plaque matches your organization’s design so it doesn’t look too out of place in any given space. It will be noticeable to all who visit and come to admire their efforts.


These are just a few of the award trends that will be in fashion in 2022. Thus, it is crucial to consider these elements when choosing an award design. You can go with a classic design or modernize your awards by adding some personal touches to make them unique. This way, you will achieve the right balance of innovation and tradition for your awards ceremony.