Top B.Tech Courses after Completing High Secondary


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a degree that you can earn by pursuing an engineering course. Typically, an engineering course or B.Tech course comes with a duration of four years. During the four year program, students have to undergo eight semesters. Each semester has a duration of six months. At the end of the semester, you need to appear in an examination. 

Scoring more than 75% marks in the semester examinations is good for your career as an engineer. For studying engineering, you need to know about two things. First of all, you should find a good B Tech engineering college. Secondly, you must choose the right engineering course according to your merit. You can find a few popular engineering courses that students pursue after their higher secondary examination in the following section.

  1. B.Tech in Computer Science

The most popular engineering course is B.Tech in Computer Science. Today, we live in a computer-driven society. People are surrounded by data stored at computers. For every task, you need the help of a computer. From graphic designing to engineering drawing, you need a computer. Today, businesses have become computer-based. Many eCommerce platforms are operating without having a physical business outlet. In such a scenario, there is a high demand for computer science specialists. You become a specialist after completing the B.Tech course in computer science. 

So, what are the career options after B.Tech in computer science? There are many career options. You can work as a database manager, programmer, online marketing expert, and many more. If you do not find available seats in computer science in a college, the alternative course to computer science is B.Tech in IT (Information Technology).

  1. B.Tech in Mechanical Science

Though a conventional engineering course, B.Tech in mechanical science is still regarded as a highly popular course for engineering. Pursuing the course will help you to understand the complex theories of mechanical engineering. One needs to have excellent knowledge in mathematics and physics for pursuing this course. After completing the course, you can work as mechanical engineering in construction firms. You can pursue a career as a mechanical drawing expert too.

  1. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is another conventional engineering course that has successfully retained popularity for years after mechanical science. For electrical engineering, students should have good knowledge of physics and mathematics. If you have an interest in advanced physics, you are suitable for studying this course. Electrical engineers can find job opportunities in the public and private sectors. To pursue this course, you need to find the best engineering colleges in Chhattisgarh.

  1. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

B.Tech in electronics and communication is another popular course for students who want to pursue a degree in engineering. If you want to become a successful engineer, you can choose this course. Completing the course will help you to pursue a career in the finest electronic device manufacturing companies. Nevertheless, you can also find jobs in the IT sector. There is also scope for pursuing a career as a research fellow after studying B.Tech in ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering).