Whether you are moving abroad for work, studying, volunteering projects, joining your family or friends, international health insurance is one of the essential things to consider. You may be healthy now but having an international health insurance cover guarantees you can access better and faster treatment whenever you fall sick or get injured in your new country of residence. If the healthcare system in the country you are moving or traveling to is substandard, the more reason to sign up for reliable international health insurance.

Purchasing an international health insurance coverage can be daunting, and if anything, it takes a lot of browsing, research, detailed reading, and comparing different insurers to identify the best one. But worry not, here is a review of the top international health insurance companies for expats and travelers.


Cigna is renowned as the top international health insurance company in terms of experience as it is one of the earliest Healthcare insurance company dating back to 1972. Sixteen years after the US became an independent country, a group of wealthy people met in Philadelphia’s independent hall and created the Insurance company of North America, which was Cigna’s predecessor.

Cigna was created in 1982 out of a merger with Connecticut General corporation, which added to its overall experience. Since then, the company has provided healthcare insurance cover to expats and travelers, including the popular Cigna international travel coverage. It offers different levels of coverage: silver, platinum, gold, and group health insurance across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Allianz care

This one is renowned as the best in terms of quick claim payments. When living abroad where everything seems stressful, the last thing you want to deal with is financial stress. Allianz care was created in 2000 with the promise that filled healthcare insurance claim forms would be processed within two business days.

True to its word, the promise stands two decades later, with more than 200 countries enrolled in the company. It also provides an extra service that enables clients to access medical information in English, Italian, french and german at any hour of the day.

William Russel

William Russel international health insurance is the best in terms of costs. With this international health insurance, it costs about £2,600 for an individual to get a whole year’s coverage, and it can be less depending on your plan and country of residence. Moreover, William Russel doesn’t base an individual’s renewal premium on how many times they have made a claim. That means you can access all the healthcare you need without worrying about it impacting your premium. Many expats have reported that William Russel’s international health insurance company is more transparent.

Bupa Global

Bupa Global international health insurance company is the best for all-around-the-clock access. It gives clients 24/7 access to experienced multilingual in-house emergency care nurses, doctors, and coordinators. It covers more than one million hospitals and doctors worldwide, and it pays claims within 10days, making it one of the best international health insurance companies.

International medical group

This one is known to have the best customer service ever. It is the best-rated international health insurance company with a trust pilot rating of 4.5 according to the very individuals it serves. The international medical group insurance company has more than 30years of experience in the industry and has enrolled in more than 200countries.

Each provides outstanding medical coverage with more than thirty healthcare professionals who can remotely instruct your medical team in your country of residence from start to finish. More than 18000peopke have contributed to giving this company is superb rating making it one of the best international health insurance companies.


Geoblue insurance company has an extensive medical network with more than a 1.5million hospitals and healthcare professionals available to its clients across the globe. By choosing geoblue, you also benefit from an app that provides all-around access to medical professionals you can contact via voice calls or video calls. It provides healthcare coverage to international employers and companies sending their employees for assignments abroad. It is one of the best global insurance companies with five different plans to pick from.

Exacare global healthcare

With more than 35years of experience in the industry, exacare global healthcare provides insurance policies underwritten by insurers within Lloyd’s of London. It is ideal for expats and travelers going to one of the EU states. The best thing about its plans is that they are tailored for individuals, students, companies, families, and groups.

A plus international healthcare

A plus international healthcare is a global company collaborating with AXA to offer the best international medical healthcare. It provides four different worldwide insurance plans, but its southeast Asia plan is exclusively for residents in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, among others.

The takeaway

Your choice of an international health insurance company depends on your preference, nationality, the region you are moving to, and budget. It is important to research extensively, read reviews, and carefully understand each policy before choosing to know what cover it provides.