Top Online Video Tools For Teachers

Up till the millennials’ generation, teaching was more about going to schools/colleges, educating students in classrooms, and more. It was more of a physical thing, as teachers had to go to educational institutes to teach students.

The “new normal,” courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a change in the way students are taught at schools and colleges. To ensure that education is not affected, teaching has been shifted to a new medium, virtual learning.

Video conferencing, lecture recording and other similar digital means have become the new way of teaching until a mass vaccine is available to get people back to the routine. As a teacher, you need the best video tools to ensure your teaching methods are efficient even if you are involved in this activity through virtual means.

This blog will share some of the best online video tools for making your educational video lectures and tutorials high in quality, efficient, and understandable. Note that the list comprises tools that you can utilize for free with limited features. But, you can also choose to subscribe to the premium version to access all the features.

Let’s dig in!


This popular video editing tool delivers one of the best tools and features for creating custom videos efficiently. Teachers who do not even have the slightest video-making experience will find it a simple-to-use platform to create videos without trouble.

We place it on top of our top online video tools list for teachers because it’s quite affordable. InVideo comprises a vast royalty-free library of custom images, animations, and short clips, which you can use to create educational videos in high definition for your students.


Canva is an online tool giving you an extensive collection of templates for photo and video-making. Teachers will find it appropriate to prepare infographics, slide shows, diagrams, and similar education-centric illustrations. It does involve some getting used to because there are plenty of tools and features to try.

Plus, you can use it for free, but that will limit the use of the presets it has in its library. However, you can always buy a particular image or short clip that you like from Canva and use it in your video. You can use Canva on a computer, tablet, and mobile, making it one of the most versatile tools on the market.


Here is a free platform that connects not just teachers and students but also the parents. This teaching community is a virtual place where teachers can share video lessons, students’ progress, communicate with parents/students, and much more. It’s completely free to use and features a mobile-friendly layout to give flexible access to teachers.

It’s a digital school community that helps create a more friendly and transparent environment for teachers and parents alike. Sharing video lessons also gives teachers and students to recall what they taught or learned in the past.


If you are familiar with screen-sharing software, you will not find it hard to use Educreations. This platform features a dynamic screen that captures and records what is displayed on your screen. That allows teachers to create on-the-go video sessions while using their smart device microphone to record the audio simultaneously.

It works great when used with an iPad, allowing more flexibility to work on the screen to record the sessions. On top of that, you can share recordings easily through social media platforms. Students can go through these lessons and learn them anytime and anywhere. For a more professional touch, teachers can even create customized educational courses with intro and outro maker tools like InVideo to try making a more professional-looking video.


Ted-Ed has been a popular platform where entrepreneurs, educators, leaders, coaches, and professional individuals share their ideas, teachings, and whatnot. Its social media influence is top-notch, making it a worthy platform for teachers to gain a serious following. Many budding and existing celebrities have been known to use this platform to boost their careers.

You can use Ted-Ed to create educational presentations, video lessons, etc., which your students can access remotely. Ted-Ed’s colossal audience makes it a boosting platform if your audience finds your work intriguing. If you are confident about your teaching skills and have some cool educational concepts to share with the world, Ted-Ed is a suitable platform to give you the limelight.


If you want to target young students, EdPuzzle can be a great way of promoting education among the masses. It uses an entertaining way of teaching subjects through animated videos present in its library.

It’s like a YouTube channel where you can upload, create, or use existing animated videos to customize your educational subjects. You can use EdPuzzle to answer questions related to your topic and upload it for students to see. It even shows you how many views your video lesson received, making it even more enjoyable. Over 50% of the U.S. schools are already using this platform to educate students, making it an excellent tool for trying out and sharing your educational content with the world.


Here is another video-making platform where you can utilize animations’ power to create powerful and intriguing videos. Teachers who love teaching students with a sense of humor would love this tool. It uses cool-looking animations available in their library to create educational-cum-entertaining videos for students to learn. This platform is also a recommended intro maker tool that gives your video an amazing look.

The animated presentations available to use can be personalized to tell an educational story. Teachers can even do voice-overs, add custom music and images, and much more to create unique videos for their students. You can use it as a free tool, but that does show up with a watermark. You can always buy a subscription if you are planning to use this platform as a tool for your brand, which removes the Powtoon watermark.


Online video tools are new ways of teaching the masses. As a teacher, you need to be familiar with these platforms, to progress with the modern-day teaching methods. We hope you get hold of using these and can continue your teaching smoothly.