Top Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Purifier Filter For Good

It’s quite important to drink filtered and purified water if we wish to maintain good health. However, with all the water pollution going on each day, the need to install a good water purifier is immense. A water purifier with a multi-stage filtration mechanism can filter all the harmful elements from water and provide perfectly clean and fresh water.

However, the filters are subjected to deterioration with time and, therefore, will falter one day or another. That’s why it’s essential to change them periodically to have the machine fully functional. This is why many people opt for a water purifier AMC so that their water purifier machine receives definite service.

Filters of a water purifier have an expected life span, and therefore you need to replace them from time to time. So, how often do you need to replace them in the first place, you may ask. Well, this is a bit hard to tell, but on average, you may need to change them 6 to 8 months. Of course, the replacement of a water purifier filter depends on the condition of the source water as well.

For example, filters have to work more if the source water has a high TDS level. Resultantly it will put pressure on the filters, and then they need to be changed quite frequently. In a best-case scenario, you probably need to change them once a year if the source water doesn’t have a high level of TDS.

Generally, people like to opt for an RO AMC because they don’t like to spend huge money on basic repairs and services. You don’t need to worry about spending huge bucks on repairs and other services if you have AMC plans.

Each company has a team of professionals who are adept at providing the best water purifier services. For example, they can change the filters, replace parts, and thoroughly clean the machine.

However, it’s pivotal to know when you should ask for their assistance in the first place. So, in this article, we will provide some basic signs that you need to change the filters as soon as possible.

Here Are The Signs That You Need To Change Your Old Filters

Filers are the main mechanism through which a water purifier shields all the contaminants and removes them from water. This way, the purifying machine provides us with safe and clean water for consumption. However, as we said earlier, a filter will wear out with time. Therefore, you need to change those from time to time.

Bad Odour

If the output water from the purifier smells bad, then the filter is probably not working. For example, you may notice a chlorine or sulfur smell from water if the post-carbon filter stops working. So, in this scenario, you need to change the filters because the bad odor is a sign of filter changing.

Black Molds In Water

Sometimes you might see black molds or floaty bits in the output water. Well, these black molds are a type of fungus that can cause a lot of health-related problems. Therefore, if you find it in the filtered water, you immediately need to call the water purifier service team to have the machine cleaned thoroughly.

Metallic Taste

Well, only one thing can cause a metallic taste in the water: if the water becomes hard water. If calcium and magnesium are abundant in the drinking water, they can become hard water, leaving a scaly build-up in the filter.

In addition, the taste of the water may also become a bit metallic. So, this is another sign that the water filter needs to be changed as soon as possible because hard water can seriously cause damage to the filters.

Filtering Speed Has Become Slow

Is the output water isn’t coming as fast as it should? Then the filters may have become clogged with impurities. Also, there is a lot of dust, debris, slits, and other heavy particles that will surely clog the filters sooner or later.

Once that happens, the filtering speed becomes slower than usual. If the filters are old enough for an RO system, it can take about a staggering 6 hours to fill a full standard-sized tank, which is a lot of time. Whereas, if the filters are new, then it can take about two to four hours max.

Brown Scaling On Sediment Filters

Sediment filters are the ones that can capture all the sediment particles such as dirt, silt, mud, clay, and other suspended particles. This filter is usually placed outside the water purifier and, therefore, can easily be opened.

So, you can check the deposits and scaling if you open it. So, if you see a brown scaling on this filter, it can indicate that it has been overused and needs to be changed immediately. If you change this filter periodically, it will also allow a longer life span for the other filters of the machine. On the other hand, if you have RO AMC done, the service team will change it.

Final Thoughts

So, these were a few signs that you need to be aware of when changing water purifier filters. On a second note, you should also apply for a water purifier AMC because it will help you a lot with these regular filter changes.