EducationTop six career opportunities after pursuing an MBA program

Top six career opportunities after pursuing an MBA program

An MBA is considered the most popular and sought after business degree, and has been preferred by professionals and students alike for decades. While others degrees require some analysis, an MBA program is a win-win option as it will only take your career further ahead.

By choosing to enrol in this program, you open your professional career to new possibilities. Some of the top management job positions are often filled by candidates who have earned an MBA degree. Here are six such important and impressive job roles that you can consider.

  1. Human ResourcesManager

Human resources is among the most important department in a company as no organisation can operate without a human resource department. The profile comes with various responsibilities and plays a central role in being a channel of communication between the employees and the management.

Human resource manager not only scouts the best talent for the company but also gives them the requisite training. They ensure a healthy work environment where everyone is getting a fair treatment and have access to tools that will allow them to work proficiently.

  1. Marketing Manager

Another equally essential job profile is that of a marketing manager who play an important role in the organization. Products and services designed by the business need to be promoted through the right channels to the targeted audience. Hence, a marketing team is needed who assess the market and create a necessary strategy to help the business sell its product and boost profits.

It is the marketing who plans, executes and oversees such strategies and also supervises the team. On this job role, one is required to analyse the market, manage projects as per budget and also position the brand suitably.

  1. Product Manager

A lot of thought process goes into designing the right product which will have value in the market and for this customer needs along with the larger business objective has to be identified. This job is done by the product manager work with finance department and the marketing department to produce the right product in the allotted budget.

On this job profile, one is required to gather a lot of inputs, draw up designs and even test prototypes with the help of developers to create the perfect product.

  1. Business Operations Manager

The business operations manager is a dynamic and popular job role as they are the go-to people in a business who assist different departments in the organisation. They are the ones who manage the global supply chains and find ways to reduce cost.

Operations are the heart of every organisation and support the entire business and hence this profile is so essential. A business operations manager makes strategic decisions, company policies, generate financial reports and more.

  1. Financial Manager

No organisation can run smoothly without a financial manager who guides them on making efficient financial decision.  They are the ones who make decisions regarding right resource allocation and also monitor the company’s budget and financial investment.

It is also part of their job role to create financial reports and implement the right strategies that will help the company meet both its short and long term goals.

  1. Management Consultant

Another dynamic job role that comes with pursuing an MBA program is that of a management consultant. These professionals assist the organisation when it’s going through a huge obstacle or facing challenges it is unable to overcome.

On this profile, you can work independently or get hired by a management consulting firm.

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