Top Useful Tips to pick the right chappals for men

Slippers and chappals are the comfiest footwear’s that every man would agree to wear when all they want to is chill and relax. Tightly fitted shoes and sandals can give you a tough time, but it may be a compulsion to wear them all day when you are out to work. But when you return back, all you may want is a pair of comfortable chappals that can go easy on your feet. Thus having a few pairs of chappals that can treat your feet right stands to be of paramount importance. So are you someone planning to buy chappals for men? Here are a few tips that you need to consider while picking on chappals for men:

Size matters

Your shoe size may be way too different from your chappal size. So do not randomly go to a footwear shop and ask for the same number and size of chappal as you would ask for your shoes. Consider trying out the slippers before taking them back home so that you can get the right size for your feet. Wear them and ensure if they fight you right and have enough room for your feet.


Just like your shoes, you get to avail multiple variants and materials when you are out to buy chappals. The footwear market is simply flooded with a plethora of material options, and thus it can spoil you for choice when it comes to buying chappals. Further, while making a selection, ensure that the chappals that you pick up give a treat to your feet instead of irritating them all the more.

Especially if you are facing some issues in concern with your legs, back or feet, pick materials that can help in the recovery process rather than worsening it. Go for chappals that make use of soft materials so that you can feel comfortable while you walk out wearing a newly bought pair of chappals.


Quality matters a lot. May it be anything, quality is one of the topmost parameters to consider while making a purchase, and your chappals are no exception. Whether you head out to buy chappals for men or slippers for women, running a quality check is vital to ensure that the new pair will not break or tear with ease.

Just like you would pick on the materials, consider running a thorough check concerning the quality of chappals you purchase to make them last longer.

Look for multipurpose chappals

Chappals are not meant to be worn only at home; a good pair of chappals can also be worn out for a casual outing. So if you are someone who expects your chappals to serve double duty, then consider purchasing ones that can also be worn out for a casual trip.

Chappal style

Did you think that style is just meant for slippers for women? You have got this wrong! Check out the online market, and you will see the numerous style variants available when it comes to men’s chappal. May it be a simple v-pattern chappal or slip-on or any other style, you get to explore a plethora of styles to choose your foot friends. Ever settle down for something that you don’t desire but are forced to buy. Try hitting the internet, and it will open doors for you for endless styles and patterns in the name of chappals for men.

Pay heed to the finishing

Despite the material used for the manufacturing process, you should always eye on the fine details. Look for the finishing of your chappals so that your feet turn out to be happy feet when you wear them.

Consider going in for flat chappals

You will end up wearing your chappals most of the time at home, and thus you should always look for flats instead of heels. Flat chappals, apart from treating your feet right, also prove to be orthopedically recommended and allows natural movement of the feet. Flat chappals trigger even distribution of your body weight over your feet. This way, you do not tend to strain or concentrate your weight on a dedicated portion of your feet that can result in pain and other health concerns.

Take into account the floor

The floors of your house also stand to be a deciding factor while you purchase chappals. Harder floors may require you to buy thick-soled slippers, whereas floors embellished with carpets can do with regular soles. So based on the floor type, you should decide on the sole of your slippers.


We hope we have given you quite a few tips to consider while buying chappals for men. So what are you waiting for? Next time you head out to purchase men’s chappal, do give this guide a quick read so as not to miss any vital points to make the right choice.

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