Top Ways To Ask Your Nonprofit’s Supporters for a Recurring Donation


You appreciate every donation that your organization receives, whether it is one-time or recurring. However, there are distinct advantages to getting donors to give on an ongoing basis. Statistics show that you stand to receive twice as much money from recurring donations, and you can keep track of them with the Salesforce donor management system.

People who already support your nonprofit may be receptive to a request for recurring donations. However, you may need to provide a little extra persuasion.

Point Out the Impact of Their Recurring Donations

People may be willing to give but unsure of the effect it will have. Therefore, if you can explain what a recurring donation will do in concrete terms, they may be more likely to take the next logical step and set up recurring donations. The more specific you can be about the impact recurring donations will have, the more effective it may be. Create a straightforward, detailed, easy-to-understand explanation. If possible, it may help to include pictures and graphics to show donors how their donation will be used instead of just telling them.

Make an Easy Sign up Page for Donors

When you ask someone to do you a favor, they are more likely to comply if it doesn’t unduly inconvenience them. Asking for recurring donations is a pretty big favor, so you want to make it as easy as possible for donors to sign up. Your home page should either have a space for sign-up or a prominent link that takes visitors to the sign-up page. This should be designed intuitively and be easy for donors to understand and fill out.

Recurring donations represent a big commitment. Donors may be willing to make it no matter what, but circumstances may arise that make them unable to continue. For this reason, you should make opting out of recurring donations just as easy as opting in. Of course, nonprofit data management best practices encourage you to maintain secure records of all donor information. This makes it easier to communicate in the future, and if circumstances have changed again, supporters may be willing to make recurring donations once more.

Tailor Communications Specifically for Recurring Donors

When you can speak specifically and directly to your recurring donors, it shows them that you are aware of what they are doing and appreciate the support. This helps to improve engagement and foster goodwill. Segmented communication is the best way to accomplish this. It may seem like a complicated term, but really, all it means is that you maintain a separate email list of your recurring donors and craft messages that are relevant to them. You may give the same information that you would give to other donors, but you present it in a way that acknowledges their status as a recurring donor. For example, it can be very frustrating for people who are already giving regularly to receive reminders to sign up for recurring donations. It makes it seem as though you are not paying attention.

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