Trending Ethnic Color Combinations to Try

Indian ethnic wear is very beautiful and gorgeous in all aspects. It is perfect for any occasion, for example, Indian weddings, parties, engagements, etc.

You can also wear them on a regular basis, and you can find a comfortable latest ethnic wear collection in the market. All kinds of Indian attire are very beautiful, but there are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing an ethnic outfit.

Color combination is very important when it comes to ethnic wear. Obviously, you can combine any colors you want, but everyone wants to look trendy and classy. Here, a few trending color combinations for ethnic wear are given.

If you don’t like to be restricted to these trends, then you can surely make your own. It is just about wearing everything and anything you want.

  • Most attractive color combinations for ethnic wear

Given below are 10 color combinations that you can find in the new arrival kurti collection, and many other outfits. These entire color combinations are appropriate for almost all occasions. You can choose deeper and bright colors for the night and lighter ones for the day.

  1. Lime green with orange – Both colors are in trend, especially lime green. It is bright, edgy and on the other hand, orange is more feminine and traditional with a touch of warmth.

You can wear a lime green lehenga with an orange top to cut the edginess of lime green. You can find this combination in any latest ethnic wear collection.

  1. Navy blue with rusty red – This is a very classy combination of two basic colors. You can wear kurtas of this color for everyday use. For example, wear a dusty red long kurta and combine it with navy blue leggings and dupatta.
  2. Black and white – These two are also basic colors and contrast each other heavily. You can never go wrong with these two.
  3. Gorgeous golden with zed black – If you want to steal all the attention of a party, then this is your color combination. If you want to look gorgeous, classy, and edgy with a touch of simplicity, then the combination of black and golden can provide you with all these vibes.
  4. Beige and white – If you want a sophisticated feel with a warm and contemporary look, then this is your combination. The beige and white combination is very much in trend.

You can also experiment with colorful jewelry to make them more vibrant. This is perfect for young girls who want to look elegant without going overboard with bright colors.

  1. White with any pastel colors – Another contemporary and sophisticated color combination of this generation. You can combine any pastel shade like blue, pink, yellow, or green with white.
  2. Warm yellow with cool grey – These colors are perfect to wear daily or in the daytime. It also gives you a touch of formal attire.
  3. Peach with royal blue – Royal blue and peach is a favorite worldwide color combination. These colors are perfect for any wedding or party.


These are the trending color combinations in kurta for women. You can find the latest ethnic wear collection at many online stores which will have such combinations in their latest collection.

You are still free to choose anything you like. You can also mix and match these colors at your convenience. Fashion is all about following your heart and feeling beautiful. You can look for kurta latest design on online stores and place and order from trusted platforms with quality assurance.