Two countries that will completely reform over the next decade

In these times of globalization, it is a prevalent mindset to seek a country that would provide one and one’s family with the best quality of life. Administration of countries have a duty to their people to work toward this goal through development.

This blog intends to bring attention to two specific countries that are currently undergoing exponential growth and are expected to be leading countries of the world in a few years. In addition to that, we will discuss what measures are causing this growth and how other countries can follow their example.


There is a reason why a good majority of people wish to spend their vacations here. Known for its beauty and rich cultural background, Singapore is a hot spot for tourists. Naturally, Singapore benefits a lot economically because of its tourist industry. Allowing for its governments that have been in power over the years to spend considerably in way of improving the way of life of the general populous.

An emphasis is given to education and to produce a high-quality workforce from within Singapore’s citizens through the establishment of world-renowned institutions. In addition to that, many infrastructure projects are underway in the downtown core. Despite being temporarily halted due to the onset of COVID-19, Singapore did quite well in recovering from it thanks to the very efficient and developed health sector.

The country has been forecasted within the next five years to undergo exponential economic improvement. Owing to the administration’s policies towards supporting the private sector and working alongside it while providing support to newly established businesses.

Saudi Arabia

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia is the cultural core of the Islamic world, and hence there are high expectations for its position on a world level in the future. Its progress in the past has been impeded thoroughly by external conflicts and internal political affairs. Recently, the country has overcome such issues and has entered a new age of development.

The Saudi government has made a plan to develop various essential sectors and penned this plan the name ‘Vision 2030’. The country seeks to improve its tourism industry, just like Singapore, which is one of the most beneficial sources of earning apart from exporting oil. The fast recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed tourism to flourish and enable more people to explore Saudi Arabia and its historical sites.