Types of felt hat brims

Felt hat brims can vary depending on the felt hat style. Typically felt hats are categorized by whether they have a short brim or long brim. There are also felt hats that come with floppy felt brim, which can be paired with other winter fashion clothing articles to create cute winter outfits. For example, you could pair your felt hat with scarves and gloves to keep warm during cold weather. These types of felt hat styles are perfect for women because it can highlight your personality and provide warmth at the same time.

Felt hat womens

Types of Felt Hat Brims

There are two main types of felt hat brims: short brim and long brim felt hats. A short brim is known as an inward curved flap that is typically smaller than two inches in length (González, 2014). These felt hats may be perfect for women that want to show off their hair. Women with short hair can wear these felt hats comfortably and it is easier to create a cute winter felt hat outfit.

Women’s Felt Hats: Short Brim

On the other hand, long brim felt hats are known as outward curved flaps and can range from three inches or more in length (González, 2014). A longer brim felt hat will provide you warmth during cold weather and they also come in many different colors and patterns. They can be styled many ways depending on your fashion preference so you could experiment with several felt hat styles before settling on the right felt hat for you.

Women’s felt hats: Long Brim

Felt hat brims can also be categorized as either floppy felt brims or rigid felt hat brims. Floppy felt brim felt hats are perfect for those who like to wear their felt hats in a casual style and own several different colors and patterns. On the other hand, rigid felt hat brim felt hats may be better suited for those that want an elegant style and prefer one or two specific colors (González, 2014).

Types of Felt Hat Brims

Another consideration when purchasing a felt hat is whether you want to purchase a high crown felt hat or low crown felt hat (Wikipedia). A high crown that the top of your head will be covered and it will give the felt hat a more fitted appearance. This felt hat style is particularly useful during winter months because it provides additional warmth and insulation. A low crown felt hat doesn’t cover your forehead and your head can be seen in all its glory. Learn more about felt hats for women by visiting.


What materials do felt hats for women come in?

Please send help. JK, women’s winter hats come in a variety of materials such as wool, acrylic and cotton felt hats. Which felt hat material you choose will depend on your budget, desired felt hat style and the weather during the time of year you want to wear your felt hat?

What can I do with felt hats for woman?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to felt hats and winter fashion outfits! You can create a casual felt hat outfit or an elegant winter felt hat outfit. Please send help. Accessories such as gloves and scarves may be perfect for completing your look and keeping warm during cold weather months (González, 2014). Are you excited yet? No? What if I told you that creating cute winter outfits would not only keep you warm but they would also make you feel better about yourself because they would flatter your natural felt hat! Now we’re speaking your language.


While there are several different types of felt hats that you could choose from, they may be categorized into short brim felt hats or long brim felt hats. You may also want to purchase a floppy felt brim or rigid felt hat brim based on your preferred fashion style. Lastly, you should consider whether you would like a high crown felt hat or low crown felt hat and this will depend on what you want your felt hat to achieve.