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Types of Laminate Flooring and the Factors to Be Considered When Choosing Them

There are various types of laminate flooring that people use in various homes or places. This may depend on one’s budget on they have. Below are the various types of laminate flooring that most people use in their workplaces or homes. There are many types, but below are some of the most recommended and highly rated by users

Plastic Types

These types of laminate flooring are about one hundred percent made of plastic. They are used at specific places. They are not recommended where a lot of people are engaged. Their cost is always affordable, as seen in most of the reviews from the people who have used the best thing about them is that they are waterproof and are not susceptible to dents. Staining also is not a problem with them.

An illustration of wood type of laminate

Wood Types

This is the one that everyone highly recommends because it can be used everywhere. It uses a layer of natural wood other than laminated acrylic. The cost of these laminates is double that of the plastic types. They are also expensive to install, but they stay longer. The only problem is that they are less durable with water and damage.

Glued Types

This is the most popular one since it lasts longer than the other types of laminate flooring. Their way of installing them is somehow more accessible because of the various glues. Their price might range from one shop to another since the type of glues used differs. Some come with the glue, while others need to be glued when installation. Generally, their price is relatively higher than the other types. The laminate flooring Kenya companies of these types are few.

Surface Types

Here we have various types, including the smoothened, the textured, and the distressed. The smoothened is the type of laminate that is easier to install and also clean because of its nature being smooth. The textured type of laminate might look more accurate when installed because its texture is not smooth. The only disadvantage with them is that they are challenging to clean. The distressed ones look old when installed in any place. They intend to look old. Their cost is relatively lower than of others.

What Are Factors to Be Considered When Choosing the Types?

Everyone considering buying any laminate must consider the following factors. The laminate’s ability not to be worn out quickly is the first factor to be considered when choosing the type of laminate. The value of resale also should be considered. The price must also come in depending on one’s budget. The type of installation also must follow.


With the above explanation, it is clearly shown that there are various types of laminates used in various places. It depends on one’s budget when buying a laminate flooring material. By considering the above types and their factors before buying the laminate, one will not find themselves making the wrong purchase decisions.

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