Understand Pellet Making Machine Before You Buy


A machine is used to make work easier. Different machines are used to manufacture different products faster and easier.

This article focuses on the pellet-making machine, its use, price, maintenance, and other factors. This is to give you a wider knowledge of these machines. Purchasing one without enough knowledge can lead to regrets since most sellers do not inform their customers vividly about this machine. I hope this article will be of great importance.

Pellets are bio-fuels that have been made from organic materials (compressed) or biomass. Pellets can be used for residential and commercial heating, fuels for power generation, and cooking. Due to the high demand for pellets, machines had to be made to satisfy customers and produce a high quantity of pellets in a shorter time.

Pellets can be made at home, but this process may be tiresome and time-consuming because of the high amount needed.

There are very many types of pellet making machines, namely: Wood pellet making machines, charcoal pellet making machines, plastic pellet making machines, biomass pellet making machines, cattle feed making machines, sawdust pellet making machines, etc.

Below are some of the factors to consider before buying a pellet making machine in Kenya:


Pellet-making machines vary in price depending on their size, use, and many other factors. Before buying one, you must consider the space available at your place and what you will use it for. There are also different brands at different prices.


As mentioned earlier, there are many pellet-making machines in Kenya. It depends on what the buyer wants to prepare. For example, wood pellet making machines are used to manufacture wood pellets which can be used as a substitute for firewood; it reduces pollution. Therefore, before buying one, make sure you are fully aware of what you want to prepare.

How to use

After buying, a buyer will provide you with the user manual, which has all instructions on setting it up and how it works. Generally, when the raw materials are fed into the machine through the feeder, the rotating components in this machine strongly press the raw materials making them pass through holes that mold them into these shapes.

It is also important to consider safety measures to avoid injuries.


Maintaining this machine may require experts or a wider knowledge of them. As much as maintenance technicians do complex maintenance, there are basic ones that the operator can do, such as cleaning and replacing.

Please do not open the machine when it is operating. Rotating shafts are very dangerous; they can badly injure an operator.

Advantages and disadvantages of this machine

There are very many advantages of using this machine, namely;

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Produces large quantity

At the same, there must be some disadvantages to anything with advantages; these are:

  • Expensive to buy
  • Noisy
  • Costly to maintain


This article outlines very important factors about pellet making machines; hence it can be used for future reference. I hope you have found this article helpful. I also hope this information comes in handy especially when planning to make a  purchase of a pellet machine.