HealthUnderstanding the Causes of Hair Loss

Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is an incredibly common condition around the world, affecting around 85% of men and 50% of women over the course of their lifetimes. Whilst often thought about as a condition predominantly affecting those of an older age, there are several other factors alongside age that contribute to hair loss at any stage of life. Whilst it’s quite natural to lose hair, hair loss can be a particularly distressing condition, as we’ve come to associate thick and luscious hair with youth and health, 2 things we admire as a civilisation. Due to this, seemingly every corner of the internet is filled with “natural hair remedies” and trending fad methods of preventing hair loss and promoting new regrowth. Whilst both Regaine and Finasteride are clinically-proven to be effective at halting hair loss, let’s take a look at the actual causes of hair loss in the first place.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

  • Heritage
    Pattern baldness is the most common non-age related reason for hair loss. This type of hair loss is genetic, meaning if your family has a history of hair loss, you’re far more likely to experience this condition. And, contrary to popular belief, you should consider relatives on both sides of your family, not just the maternal side! Pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is characterised by either a receding hairline or balding from the crown, or thinning from the parting in women.
  • Age
    Age still comes out trumps in terms of being the central risk factor for hair loss, with your chances increasing considerably the older you get. The reason for this is that the growth cycle of hair changes as you age. As a younger person, hair goes through a cycle of growth, resting, and falling out. When we get older, each individual hair spends longer in the resting phase, and eventually stops renewing new hairs, resulting in thinning.
  • Poor Diet
    When you are getting enough of the essential nutrients needed for healthy hair growth in your diet, your hair will let you know. Hair growth will slow and hair loss might start earlier than expected. Lack of key vitamins like Vitamin A may result in a dry scalp, than has been linked to a greater risk of hair loss. However, don’t overdo it on the Vitamin A, as this is one of the few vitamins that it’s possible to have too much off, and in that case it would have a detrimental effect on the hair.Read more about: Pii-email
  • Stress
    Stress is known to trigger hair loss. Moderate stress is unlikely to have an effect on hair retention, but prolonged high levels of stress, or intense short term stress in the form of a traumatic event or death of a family member for example, can cause the condition telogen effluvium. This is when many hair follicles stop their growth phase and enter the resting phase simultaneously, meaning 2 to 3 months later a lot of hair sheds and hair loss occurs, but not balding, as the hair will fully grow back within a year.

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