USANA Announces New Board Sustainability Committee 


USANA recently announced that its Board of Directors created a Sustainability Committee to provide oversight and advice on all topics related to sustainability for the company. It’s a bold step to improve USANA’s environmental and corporate social responsibility. We’ll look at what the committee will do and how the company is using its platform to promote a better world.

ESG andCSR Alignment

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are taking center stage right now, as companies all over the world seek to connect with stakeholders on a deeper level. The ethics behind the company have always been strong, but there’s always room to evolve to meet the emerging needs of our Earth and all those who inhabit it.

The Sustainability Committee will ensure that the business strategies and activities adopted by USANA are aligned with the company’s ESG and CSR principles. It’s a practical plan to increase awareness at every level of the company. From the top-down, the committee will introduce CSR and ESG until it’s a part of the very ethos of the employees. Slow and steady change is the only way to change the proverbial fabric of the company, giving it a core that can’t be shaken.

The vision of USANA is to create the healthiest family on Earth, one that supports its members through it all. These values extend not just to the people, but also to the environment. If USANA is going to improve communities and advance sustainability, the committee needs to look at all the ways the company influences the larger world.

The Sustainability Committee

There are three directors on the new committee. The Chair is Peggie Pelosi, an experienced leader who specializes as a social architect and ESG; she’s joined by John Fleming, Frederic Winssinger, and Tim Wood.

Pelosi has affirmed USANA’s commitment to advancing its leadership role in sustainability. The company understands the responsibility to its stakeholders as well as the staff, customers, and communities that make the company possible. If the company is going to be a part of global sustainability, it needs to dive into the everyday policies, practices, and procedures that make up the culture of USANA.

Sharing the Wealth

USANA’s Sustainability Committee will be sharing its goals and accomplishments for all to learn about. As the company maps out their steps, followers can see the natural progression to reach different milestones. This kind of communication will help everyone really internalize what the company stands for.

ESG is more than just forming a committee and posting on social media though. The criteria take into account a broad range of practices, including how the company treats the employees, suppliers, and people who take their products.

USANA is taking steps to give back whenever possible. From volunteer efforts to donations to working conditions, the committee will examine the minutiae behind both the large and small decisions that drive its social impact.

Governance principles also look at how a company conserves resources, treats animals, and manages waste. For example, if the company’s operations pose a potential threat to the environment, the committee may take steps to reduce the risks or eliminate the risk altogether.

Decades of Wellness

At the heart of USANA is a company that wants people to live healthy and more fulfilling lives. For nearly 30 years, the company has marketed nutritional supplements that spoke to the needs of its customers.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, the company wanted to truly serve and support people. As USANA customers make changes to everything from their diets to their exercise plans, they can use the company’s products as a springboard to their goals.

True health and wellness can’t be found in a consumer product, but it can be achieved through consistent care for the body. Kevin Guest, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, remarked that the company’s Sustainability Committee would be implementing best practices across all markets.

When USANA’s customers truly invest in themselves, they feel better. They start to redefine themselves on a different level, one where they can take pride in what they do and who they are. When they know they’re supporting a company that’s every bit as committed to social and environmental wellness as they are, it’s just another reason to smile.

What Is Balance?

All companies struggle with balance on a daily basis. Some are too concerned with profit margins, forgetting the people that lie just beyond the spreadsheets. Others become wrapped up in technology, largely ignoring the end-users who will actually use their creations.

For USANA, the company was built on helping individuals achieve balance. It was made to support a person’s optimal health, which has always been synonymous with finding harmony within the body rather than looking to external sources for wellness.

To mirror the work that their customers are doing, USANA has created a committee that will ensure more than just safe products for its customers. From Thailand to France to Mexico, USANA can be found around the world. The Board of Directors has never lost sight of the influence they have in every corner of the globe.

When the company commits to quality, it’s more than just lip service to stakeholders. There are so many ways for USANA to better the lives of people — whether those people are customers or not. USANA wants to bring beauty out in everyone, naturally.

An energy product doesn’t have to be something that sits in the cupboard. It can be a way to fuel a person to run their first marathon. A diet supplement doesn’t have to be just a way to hit a number on a chart, it can be the key to optimizing a person’s daily mood.

USANA employs more than 60 scientists to research and develop products that work. By blending the latest research with innovation, USANA has managed to debut product lines that connect with people across the world. It’s a tribute to USANA that their customers come from all walks of life and are all brought together by wanting to feel their best.

The Promise of USANA

To really contribute to a better and more sustainable planet, there has to be a larger purpose at the forefront of your mission. For USANA, the Sustainability Committee wasn’t created as the beginning but rather as a means to improve how the company works toward its original goals.

The company’s plan is not the spearhead all global change, but to take a strong role in how companies navigate challenges moving forward. It’s not always easy to make the right choice, one that weighs the future every bit as heavily as it weighs the present.

Anyone who’s ever heard the call of junk food over a healthy meal knows that true change starts in micro-resolutions. Instead of resolving to give up all junk food, a person might just resolve to give it up for one meal (or even one snack).

The Sustainability Committee is applying these very same principles, asking its employees to confront the kinds of biases that can ultimately weaken a company from within. When USANA makes sustainable decisions for the environment, they’re looking out for all living creatures. When they make personal care products, they’re looking for the people who have come to rely on USANA to give them the boost they need to keep going.

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It all comes down to a company that was founded on caring for other people and that will continue to make strong efforts on a larger scale. The Chair of the Sustainability Committee, Peggie Pelosi, understands how ESG and CSR need to implement across a company. She will lead the committee to ensure that every new initiative is aligned with a corporate strategy that promotes equity for all and respect for the planet.

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