AllVirtual Reality Slots: Gaming Or Gambling 

Virtual Reality Slots: Gaming Or Gambling 

Online casinos as we know them are about to change forever thanks to the advancement of virtual reality (VR). The next step in the evolution of gambling lies in online casinos becoming immersive and interactive virtual spaces. Think of it being as big a leap as free play slots games going from 2D to 3D. Soon the only difference between the brick and mortar casino and the virtual online casinos are the free drinks available in the former. 

There is no doubt that VR is going to have a massive impact on the world of online casinos. In fact, experts predict that by 2021, VR gambling will bring in over half a billion dollars, 8 times more than it will bring in for 2020. 

What are Virtual Reality casinos? 

At the moment, there are two types of online casinos – real money casinos and what is known as “entertainment” casinos. Real money casinos allow players to bet and win money while entertainment casinos allow players to enjoy the thrill of playing slots, roulette, and table games without having to spend actual money. The downside of these casinos is that players can’t win real money either. 

The recent advancements of VR means that online casinos will soon go from quasi-3D environments and place players into the midst of a fully functioning 3D casino floor, where players can experience a truly lifelike casino experience and engage with other virtual players in real time. 

What will VR casinos offer players? 

Players will find themselves in highly detailed HD gaming rooms where they are free to move about as they wish and fully explore the virtual space. Expect to find 3D game tables where you choose a seat, engage with a live dealer and interact with your fellow gamers seated at the table. VR casinos will be so similar to actual casinos that players will be able to make and observe body gestures and enjoy real casino ambience thanks to 3D spatial sound. 

While some online casinos already offer the ability to chat to fellow players, using a built-in instant messaging platform, VR casinos will take this to the next level where players can spend time at the casinos bar or lounge and talk to other players. In fact, these spaces will be so real that players will even be able to sip on a virtual drink while chatting. 

Want to play blackjack on Mars? 

Well you will soon be able to do this without having to join the Mars settlement programme and having to spend the rest of your life on an alien planet. While current VR casinos are all aiming to replicate the experience of being in a traditional casino, developers will soon be able to offer players just about any experience they can think of, from playing blackjack in a 1920s speakeasy to playing poker with aliens in a dingy spaceport. 

Is it gaming or gambling? 

Well, VR casinos will blur the lines between gaming and gambling like never before. The environment and interactions players have will definitely be more akin to playing the latest AAA video game. However, the gambling will be real, with players betting and winning real money.

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