Vital information you need to know about the hot air device

This heating device uses hot air to create steam without a flame. They are also known as hot air guns. It looks like a hair dryer. Some of its applications include home repairs, softening old paint, and soldering. They all remove all forms of adhesives as well.


Heat guns are usually light in weight and also very easy to use. A heat gun’s hot airflow is less dangerous than the naked flame. Heat guns can cause fire when exposed to flammable items. This article discusses the factors you need to know about heat guns.

Types of heat guns

  • Industrial heat guns
  • Corded heat guns
  • Cordless heat guns
  • Infrared heat guns

Industrial heat gun

Their utilization occurs in the engineering, automotive, construction, and retail packaging industries.

Corded heat guns

  • They utilize electric power.
  • One should make sure there is an extension cord to make sure that it reaches the area needed.

Cordless heat gun

  • This type of heat gun is battery powered
  • You can use it both inside and outside the working area.

Infrared heat gun

  • It uses infrared heat.
  • It is affordable

Characteristics of a hot air device

  1. The wattage ranges from 1000W to 2000W
  2. It uses a dead man switch so that power turns off when there is the removal of the pressure from the finger
  3. It has variable temperature settings to control the temperature to make the tool more useful
  4. There are versatile
  5. It switches off when it overheats due to the thermal cut-out
  6. It comes with a hook meant for storage
  7. It has a stand to enable it to rest on the surface when not in use.

How do you use the device?

  • They have one heating setting and a fan for paint stripping
  • The heated area as directed on the painted surface to soften so the surface can easily strip off
  • Since the tool is hand-held, the other hand holds the stripping tool.
  • You can hold the gun 4 inches away from the painted wood.
  • Ensure you check the manufacturer’s instructions to know the proper distance and degree of heat.
  • Move the heat gun, holding it still to avoid burning the wood.
  • Hold the gun with one hand and use a scraper to go behind the gun and scrap away the loosened paint.

Heat gun price in Kenya varies according to the heat gun’s type and features.

Types of nozzles used in heat guns

  1. Reducer nozzle- used in soldering jobs and plastic tubing
  2. Reflector nozzle- used for bending plastic tubing and for applying heat shrink tubing
  3. Surface nozzle- used to remove old floor coverings
  4. Glass protection nozzle- used to strip paint on a window
  5. Slot nozzle- used for welding PVC tarpaulin
  6. Welding nozzle- used to weld plastic.

Safety precautions of a hot air gun

Use the heat setting recommended by the manufacturer.

Buy the device from a reputable supplier.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of any problem

When using it, don’t wear loose clothes

Wear safety goggles when using them.


The description above covers some of the important aspects of the heat gun.