Ways to save at bath & body works


You are walking through the mall when the smells of amber, sandalwood, and vanilla swarm your senses. Out of the corner of the eye, you notice a gingham-print storefront and stacks of colourful body sprays, candles and lotions.

Yep, bath and body works has a way of drawing shoppers in. But though the stores aroma can be thrilling, the prices of the products are not forever as soothing.

Here are some of the save ways to save money on bath and body works:

Similar to lots of brands, bath & body works is willing to invest in building an online loyal fan base. Following the retailer on Twitter and Facebook shows a steady stream of promo codes and sale updates for no more effort than clicking the “follow” key. Discounts are generally in the type of codes that you can use in-store or online, and sale alerts are generally targeted by shoppers specific place.

Shop the bath and body works semi-yearly sale in January and June

Products are generally up to seventy-five percent off during seasonal time, with rare storewide deals that could reduce your complete cost almost half.  In simple words, January and June are when online deals at their top. During this time, Bath & body launch big and semi-yearly sale, where the malls clears out older stock to make space for fall and spring mechanise.

Try before you buy

That being said, going in-store means you can try out those fresh fragrances before committing. Almost every bath & body works has sink, so test items before you purchase them. No one wants to end up with 3 bottles of a scent with a fun name but a smell you cannot stand. 

Provide an email and phone number at checkout

As part of the effort to raise its user database, Bath & body works provide steep promotional and discounts giveaways to customers who provide their email address and phone number at checkout. If it has been a while since your last store visit, you can call the store main office and ask to be included to the promotional list.

Keep your receipts

Bath & body have a website address and phone number where buyers can join a survey and provide response about their shopping experience. As a thank-you for providing feedback, bath & body works provide up to $10 off your next $30+ purchase.

Sign up for bath & body works emails

Subscribe to bath & body works emails, so you are forever savvy toward the new events and offers. Plus, the retailer might send fun shocks to your inbox as well.

Shop with discounted promo codes

One sneaky trick many people do not know about is buying product with promotional codes or discount codes. 

Check out the deals and discount codes, GreenPromoCode.com has to offer on their website. If they do not have what you want right now, you can forever set up an alert so you know when there is one ready for you to get.