TechnologyWhat Are The 4 Main Causes Of Accidents In The Construction Industry?

What Are The 4 Main Causes Of Accidents In The Construction Industry?

Construction site mishaps are induced when worker safety replaces expenses and work deadlines. When a supervisor drives workers to finish a task as quickly as feasible and at the least total price, important safety procedures may be overlooked.

A mishap in a construction area can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of them could arise from carelessness, such as dangerous working conditions, inappropriate tools, and a lack of regulatory precautions. Leading to fatal injury and the need to hire construction accident lawyers. Workplace safety should be upheld with first aid training. Even the most basic CPR courses Ottawa Ontario could go along way in saving lives during emergencies.

4 four main causes of accidents in the construction industry

Approximately three out of every five maintenance worker homicides are committed by these “Fatal Four.” Read on to know them.

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1. Falls

This sort of injury can happen if an employee near an open-sided platform takes a wrong move or moves sideways without noticing. Stairwells with no safety barriers are also a major source of falls. Because high altitudes are frequently involved in these incidents, the consequences can be disastrous for employees who suffer major injuries.

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2. Hit by an object

In 2013, seventy-eight construction employees were killed after an item struck them. A lot of these fatalities could have been avoided if the employees had received sufficient training and employed the appropriate equipment and apparatus. Workers must utilise parking brakes on stationary cars, reversed vehicle alarms, tool guarding, personal protective equipment, debris netting, catch ladders, and other safety devices.

3. Electrocutions

When an individual, instrument, or electronic device comes into contact with overhead wires or electrical components, electrocution occurs. Employees are sometimes ignorant of all electrified power generators, from the rooftop and underground power lines to faulty receptacles and adapters, resulting in these sorts of accidents.

4. Caught-in/between

Despite the apparent rule of never standing between a large piece of machinery and an inanimate object, personnel who are focused on their duties are occasionally put in difficult situations.

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When a laborer’s part of the body is trapped, squashed, squished, pressured, or pinched among two or more things, it is known as a caught-in/between mishap. Cave-ins or crumbling components are occurrences, as are body parts trapped in the working elements of an unsecured piece of engineering, apparatus rollovers, and becoming wedged between permanent things, such as a wall and construction machinery.

Other mishaps for injury

  • The person slips and falls

These are some of the most prevalent construction site mishaps. Dangerous circumstances, such as open pits or trenches, and unprotected stakes, may be connected to these incidents. An unwitting witness or their surviving requires the services of a qualified construction accident lawyer.

  • Accidents involving electrical equipment and machinery

Mechanical faults, faulty wiring, insufficient training, and malfunction or lack of necessary safety devices are all possible causes of a power drill and industrial fatalities.


Although construction sites seem hazardous, most of these mishaps are preventable with good judgement and safety precautions. Prevention commences with appropriate information and a well-maintained, safe, secure workplace culture. Contact a construction accident lawyer if you need assistance in a severe case. Get more information to this content.

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