It is not an everyday occurrence that a person deals with bailing out someone from jail. Therefore, it is natural to make mistakes while helping their loved ones out of such conditions. Here are some mistakes that people usually make while they opt for bail.

Cash Bail: Paying the entire bail money in cash is a common mistake people make while getting bail. While one might be financially able to pay the sum themselves, it has several disadvantages. If you want a public defender instead of hiring a private attorney, you need to display a financial need. If you or your closed ones post your bail, a judge will be less likely to assign you a public defender.

  • While deciding any court fees or fines, the judge has the flexibility to modify it based on individual circumstances. If you have shown previously that you can bear expensive bail, you will most likely face huge fines as well.
  • The court will track any co-signer(s) who post cash bail on your behalf, and official documents will keep note of your relationship with them. In the interests of privacy, it is best to choose for a bail bond instead.

Providing Incorrect Information: Bail bond paperwork will require you to provide personal information so that you are easily traced by the authority if needed. One may access the expertise of bail bondsmen in Sacramento, California to help go through legal paperwork. No matter what the intention, providing false or misleading information on these documents can jeopardize the bail bond. Thus, re-check all submissions to avoid any additional charges or complications that can affect the contract.

Not opting for Automatic Review: It is important to take advantage of this lesser-known provision. Whenever judges deviate from official schedules, a formal bail appeal can be initiated. This way, the unscheduled bail amount is automatically reviewed by the proper jurisdiction. If you live in Montana, a reliable and experienced bail bondsman from Bail Bonds Billings MT can guide you through the automatic review process.

  • Every defendant has the right to one automatic review within 120 hours of bail determination.
  • This law is binding on all trial courts in California, offering defendants much-needed respite. Despite having the choice to waive this review, you should take the advantage to decrease the amount.

Missing Payment Deadlines: If one opts for installments instead of a lump sum payment, one must meet all conditions. The contract signed with the bail bond agency will include strict deadlines for each repayment. Moreover, it is essential to keep track of all terms and conditions, such as location and method of payment, if any. Any extra fees associated with the service should be accounted for beforehand In case you miss a date, contact your bondsman immediately to know of any consequences such as late fees. If possible, they will cooperate with you and not charge extra the first time it occurs.

Skipping Court: It is incumbent to attend all scheduled court hearings to ensure that any collateral or securities pledged are returned at the end. Skipping even a single date might result in additional fees and penalties on the bail. Additional charges, as well as an arrest warrant, are also likely outcomes. Thus, make careful note of every date and time assigned by the court and maintain 100% attendance.

Affordable, personalized bail bonds can be of great help throughout the entire bail process. It can reduce the stress and burden endured from an arrest to acquittal. Contact your nearest bail bond business and schedule a free consultation.