What are the dangers of working out alone?


Obesity is quickly becoming a huge problem in the country. With more than a third of the entire population being obese or overweight America is among the top 15 most obese countries and if we consider only OECD countries America shoots up to number one. This 1st position is not enviable. The recent increase in the number of obese and overweight people can be attributed to the way our society has been conditioned in recent years. We have become hooked on fast foods and have grown averse to any physical activity and due to our past actions, we must face the consequences. The number of diseases that are plaguing the country due to obesity is very serious. These diseases include coronary (heart) diseases, type 2 diabetes and some people are even suffering from cancer due to obesity. A recent study found that obesity can be linked with psychological issues like depression and cases of low self-esteem. This means that as the number of people who are suffering from obesity increases, they will get more likely to suffer from these diseases. So how to counter obesity? Get active!

Working out and maintaining your fitness is enough to counter obesity but working alone brings its dangers. So, if you want to work out in a controlled environment under skilled supervision so that you can reap the benefits of your efforts in the most efficient way possible. Visit a local fitness center i.e. Personal Trainer Austin to avail yourself of an opportunity to experience this personal touch in a free trial.

Working alone is inefficient. If we try to use a new machine without proper guidance, we can end up hurting ourselves and damaging the machine as well. By working alone, we get set in our wrong practices since there is no one else present to correct us. This means that if we pick up a bad habit and continue to do it, we will suffer. In a best-case scenario, we will only do our exercise in an inefficient way but in the worst-case scenario we can end up developing an incorrect muscle. This is much more likely if you are doing weightlifting, especially single hand lifts. Doing an exercise incorrectly is possible since it is hard to differentiate the pain from exertion and pain from pulling an incorrect muscle. This can lead to damaged muscles and if the damage is extensive, you can be forced to stop. Some people have their natural stance changed due to incorrect muscles developing. In some extreme cases, muscles have gotten disconnected from their respective bones. This can require surgery followed by an extensive rehabilitation program.

Working alone can also lead to pacing issues. It is very common especially in people who are just starting their workout routines for the first time. These newbies are pumped and are eager to work out and try all the machines. The effect this has is that they are expecting easy returns on their hard work and when they fail to see any results in the first few days they burn out and crash, dropping their workout plans altogether. Having a trainer can prevent that since they can temper the expectations of new trainees.

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You might be familiar with the phrase “you cannot outrun a bad diet”. This phrase encompasses the most common mistake made by newbies. They solely focus on their workout to achieve their aim. This can be to lose weight or to gain muscles. Relying solely on a workout does not get you the results you need. Having a personal trainer can negate that since they can guide you by giving you a balanced and healthy diet that can help you achieve your aim.