NewsWhat are the Most Commonly Used Industrial Connectors?

What are the Most Commonly Used Industrial Connectors?

The connectors are helping us to properly use the electrical devices without any issues. But the regular consumer connectors are different from industrial connectors. The industrial level connectors are pretty different and come with various features that you may find useful only in the industrial scenario. There are many great industrial connectors available in the market that are only suitable for high-end usage, and no one except the engineers know about the same.

If you are willing to learn about industrial connectors, you should know about the various types of the same. In this post, we will share detailed information on the various types of industrial connectors, which you might have to use in industrial scenarios.

What are the Industrial Connectors?

The electrical connectors, which are rated for higher voltage and amperes, are known as Industrial connectors. Such connectors are rated for the higher voltages, which most industrial devices require for proper functioning. The industrial connectors are used in factories and commercial installations with the weatherproof shield, high power contact points, and rugged build.

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Types of Industrial Connectors

#1 – Circular Connectors

The circular connectors are dominating the industries with their usefulness. When it comes to industrial connectors, everyone is reminded of the circular connectors. Circular connectors are commonly used in the telecom industry for data transmission. The rugged build quality and the ability to transfer data at higher speeds are used for telecom towers and internet facilities. The circular connectors are also available for consumer-end usage, but they are not suitable for industrial requirements.

#2 – Twist-Locking Connectors

The twist locking connectors are pretty amazing as they lock themselves into the provided space. The locking mechanism makes it easier to stay safe on the connection point and provide an uninterrupted connection. The twist-locking connectors were first introduced in 1938 and are being used to date for various devices and equipment.

#3 – NEMA Connectors

The NEMA Connectors are widely used in the United States of America. With the strict safety standards, industrial requirements and the ability to handle the excess load, the NEMA connectors are installed in the majority of the Residential and Industrial establishments for power delivery. The Industrial grade NEMA connectors are rated Waterproof and Dustproof for rough and tough usage.

#4 – IEC 60309 Connectors

The entertainment industry relies on the IEC 60309 Connectors for the high voltage power delivery capabilities. With the IEC 60309 connectors, it becomes easier for the entertainment industry to provide power to the satellite dishes, distribution boards and even the control panels, which require high voltage electricity. The Socapex connectors are the most popular brand, which provides power through 19-pin configuration.

Final Words

The industrial-grade connectors are essential for the various factories, industries and commercial establishments to fulfil the high load capacity. With the industrial connectors, it becomes easier to handle the load with full safety protocol in mind.

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