TechnologyWhat Are The Most Popular Games In The World?

What Are The Most Popular Games In The World?

Today, digital entertainment is one of the favorite forms of entertainment for internet users. Among the alternative it offers, games are one of the most chosen. That is why, in this article, we will see what are the most popular games in the world and which games players enjoy the most.

Multiplayer video games 

The Revolution that esports created is undeniable. Many dreams of becoming professional gamers to represent some of the teams that compete in international tournaments, such as the League of Legends World Championship. 

However, others are content to be spectators of this incredible phenomenon. Likewise, you don’t have to be a professional viewer or game or to be able to enjoy multiplayer games video games, such as Fortnite or Minecraft. In general, the ones that players enjoy the most are the battle Arena ones. League of Legends and Dota are the most popular.


Playing at online casinos is another of the favorite entertainments of many people. The options are very varied and there is a game for each type of player on Joker123. Roulette and Blackjack offer an option to plan strategies and follow the development of the game, while slot games are for those who enjoy faster action. The online casino innovates all the time and today there is a type of joker123 slot that is becoming more and more popular. It is considered the best of slot games. Slots are most enjoyed by online casino players.

Mobile games 

In addition to console video games, more and more users prefer to play on their mobile devices. The download of games on the phone has not stopped growing. As like online casino, it is one of the most convenient ways to play because people have their mobile phones with them at all times. Therefore, they can take advantage of many occasions to play a game of their favorite game. 

Also, the market for downloadable games is vast and has something for all types of gamers. Those who prefer classic games, download solitaires like Pyramid Solitaire Saga. For their part, the vast major players opt for games like candy crush, in which you have to get rows of matching symbols, or mystery Manor, whose objective is to find hidden objects. Of course, the market for downloadable games is getting bigger and bigger, and there are many who played the version of Castlevania or Hearthstones for mobile. 

The gaming industry is one of the most successful in digital entertainment. The truth is that it includes many alternatives for very different player profiles and this is one of the main reasons why the sector continues to grow. What Gamers enjoy the most are multiplayer video games, gambling, and mobile games.

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