What Do You Know About the Thyrocare Test?

The human blood is indicative of many things including but not limited to the vital stats of the body, the sugar levels, the lipids and cholesterol levels, the RBC and WBC levels and so many other important metrics that offer doctors wonderful insights into our body and how our various organs are functioning.

Blood tests are often recommended as part of all our health checkups as they help the physician to understand our health and organ functionality. When it comes to blood tests, thyrocare test packages are one of the most prominent services in India with one of the best-varied kinds of tests that can be clubbed into packages for the ease and benefit of the patients.

Test Packages and their Benefits

Test packages are a bunch of blood or other applicable tests based on the requirement or the condition you are referring to. For example, for a patient with diabetes, it is important not just to assess the blood sugar levels but also the lipid levels, liver functionality, CBC hemogram, electrolytes, etc along with the regular glucose level marker tests.

These collated tests help the doctor understand the current level of functionality in the body and how far the blood sugar levels have affected the other dependent parts of the body such as the liver.

Thyrocare test packages are clubbed in a similar manner so that it helps the patients save time and money by not taking multiple tests at multiple costs and to get comprehensive testing done at one single point in time with a detailed report.

This also makes the job of the doctor very easy therefore helping you cut down both the cost of your visit and your precious time. Not only do test packages save time and cost, but it also helps in understanding the various tests that one has to undertake and their relevance, and the specialized values of each test.

This gives the patient a detailed understanding of their own body and helps create awareness towards healthcare. For those patients who are still healthy and are not referring to any doctors, these test packages can be a way to keep tabs on their health by themselves without actually having to visit a hospital themselves.

Test packages at Thyrocare

There are many kinds of test packages at Thyrocare based on the different functionality tests and the reason for which you are testing based on a disorder. Some of the most common tests packages are mentioned below:

1. Diabetic Profile Tests

One of the most common testing packages is used by millions of Indians to know their diabetic status. Comes In two packages – Basic which has 63 tests and Advanced which have 99 tests.

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2. Aarogyam Tests

Aarogyam is one of the most popular testing packages and comes in various forms based on the tests you are looking for. Aarogyam A has 35 tests, B has 61 tests, C has 64 tests, and so on. You can choose a package based on the tests that are within and make an informed decision.

3. Arthritis Profile

Another common Test package for middle-aged men and women is the Arthritis profile which gives you an insight into your bone and joint health. It comes in 2 packages;  basic and advanced.

4. Infertility Profile

Another rising concern amongst young couples is the chances of infertility which can be analyzed with this detailed testing package with basic or advanced plans.

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