What is Etihad Airlines?

It is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates and is one in every of the leading airlines within the world. The airline has won varied awards for its rider craft and freight freighters. Etihad Airline headquarters are in Khalifa town though it’s based mostly at the United Arab Emirates’s capital International landing field. operating over a thousand flights per week with an Associate in Nursing operative fleet of sixty four craft, Etihad Airways provides flights to eighty two destinations in fifty two countries around the world. The airline was awarded the ‘World’s Leading Airline’ award in 2009 and 2010 by World Travel Awards. Fly Etihad Airways to expertise the cordial reception and privileges explicit to the United Arab Airlines. The cabins and travel categories are designed and refurbished with Arabia in mind and are gilded and cozy. Etihad Airways promotes its ever rewardable frequent flyer program as Etihad Guest though it’s not a member of any airline alliance. The loyalty program boasts over one.25 million members enjoying the advantages of travelling with Etihad Airways. international and young, Etihad Airways is one of the foremost innovative airlines within the trade, introducing and launching merchandise and services to serve customers higher.

  • Economy category

Generous meals on board air made up of quality ingredients in the middle of a complimentary bar service. relish the delectable meals that are ready by chefs of nice repute. In addition, you may love the pampering you receive at the hands of the cabin crew. United Nations agencies are skilled and nonetheless courteous and friendly. A 10.4-inch bit screen on most flights, in-seat power sockets, and audio/ethernet property can keep you diverted, whereas the family pack can keep the kids diverted. The airline prides itself on its expertise and potency, that is clear in everything, from Economy to top quality. Reap the advantages of flying with an Associate in Nursing airline of international standing, in whichever cabin you’re. relish the plush luxury of this airline’s craft, and sit back to the foremost comfy journey of your life. The cabin crew’s skilled Associate in Nursing courteous service can leave an unerasable mark on your memory.

  • Business category

The Pearl Business category, which has been redesigned with cocktail tables and state of the art in-flight recreation system with a mind-blowing fifteen.4” personal screen is over tantalizing. Lounge within the super comfy seats, and luxuriate in performing from the skies even over at the workplace. With noise-cancelling headsets, in-seat power sockets, and audio/ethernet property, enjoying your work isn’t any surprise. Couple these comforts with the private-shell cabin that includes a 6’ 1” full flat bed and direct aisle access from each seat, and you’ve got a stunning very little hide-away for yourself. alternative edges embody your own Food and drink Manager, a la bill or ‘Kitchen Anytime’ choices, and five-star feeding with fine wines. The in-built massage, luxury comforters and pillows, and also the mood lighting can transport you to a state of utter relaxation. Passengers may avail themselves of the meet and greet service offered by the airline that may be set-aside forty eight hours before arrival.

  • First category

The Diamond top quality options suites with animal skin seats, dead flat 6” 8’, additional wide bed in your personal suite, and Arabic vogue slippery  doors for complete privacy. Additionally enclosed is your personal cook, Mezoon Grille, style of Arabia, à la bill and ‘Kitchen Anytime’ choices, 23-inch, medium widescreen, and private mini bar. Awarded the ‘World’s Best 1st Class’, the expertise is well valued in your cash. True comfort begins within the Diamond top quality, wherever you’re additional a friend than a guest. The cabin crew can leave their thanks to make your journey lighter. The airline has four totally different merchandise obtainable for guests to create their journey easier and better: Arrivals Meet and Greet (Silver and Gold service), Transit Meet and Greet (Gold service), and Departure Meet and Greet (Gold service), wherever the purchasers and their special guests at met on arrival, and attended through all the stages of the method. The service has to be set-aside on-line, with a mastercard, 48hours before arrival.

  • In-Flights

The airline strives to bring you the most effective of everything, and therewith in mind, four live tv channels for news and sports are introduced by the airline. Personal TV screens, showing the most effective of recreation ar obtainable on board. Etihad Airways uses each the Panasonic eX2 and also the Thales of Miletus prime Series i5000 in-flight recreation system with the audio video on demand (AVOD) system on its new long-haul craft and on a number of the new A320-200 craft. Etihad has named this method because the “E-box”. The craft within the international destination fleet have a Plug-And-Play system, that works on USB technology. this permits passengers the liberty to play their own audio, video and movie media on the screens. The airliner A330s, airliner A340s and Boeing 777-300ER all have in-flight phone facility. Additionally, the new 10-year agreement that Etihad has signed with Panasonic aeronautics Corporation for the supply of in-flight recreation can embody broadband web and live TV. This can bring additional recreation choices for the purchasers, and increase quality.

  • Awards

Etihad Airways – Awards and Recognition

Year 2013

Skytrax Awards

World Travel Awards geographical area

Airfinance Journal

Year 2011

World Travel Awards

TTG Travel Awards

Skytrax Awards

Pan Arab net Awards

Year 2012

Global individual magazine

CAPA Annual Awards for Excellence

Mercury Awards

Skytrax Awards

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