What Is Headband Wig & 4×4 Lace Closure Wig


When wearing a wig, the most important thing is to look natural. Wearers want  real completely hair, natural hairlines and reasonable prices. No matter what wig you choose, finding a wig with bangs that match your skin tone, hairline and style (not to mention budget!) Is a challenge.

Beat Human Hair Wigs More Natural

For natural hair, Human wigs are preferred. Human hair was cut from the human hair head and washed to make the best wig. A material brings the headband wig closer to our hair. Even if it is expensive, the advantages are still huge, not only natural but also to save your hair.

The benefits of a human hair wig are that, unlike synthetic hair wig, hair is smoother, softer and more natural, it lasts longer, and can be colored and warmed styling with hairdryer, curler, flat iron. Remy hair is often recommended as more high quality. Of course, not only choose the best raw materials but also match your hairline, skin tone and style better.Movie rulz  : visit here

4×4 lace closure wig

Still, it is like human hair. Norris says that what is thinner is desirable and expensive. Indium, which is softer and has a higher texture, is also more popular, but also too less expensive. And Norris says Chinese hair, which is straight and thick, is the least too expensive and more common. Norris says to expect to pay between $150 & $300 and for a high-end human hair 4×4 lace closure wig. If it is higher than your price, do not worry – the wig is far away, and you may find a good and best synthetic option nearby.

Difference of Regular wigs & lace wigs

In addition to choosing 100% human hair wigs, human hair lace wigs are more natural than regular human hair wigs. Lace wigs usually have three wig caps – 360 lace wig, lace front human wig and full lace human hair wig.

Africanmall added an adjustable strap to the lace wig. You can adjust the size of the lace cap to suit the size of your head so that it fits over your head like your own hair, which will make you feel more comfortable and natural.

Africanmall has a transparent lace front wig and a fake skull wig, these two types of lace wig are also very natural. Pre-plucked hairline with bleached hair, bleached knots.

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Hair Wig Colors

Natural black human hair wig is purchased by most customers, therefore, some women like bright hair color or colored hair color, and blonde hair, 99J hair wig, pink hair wig, ombre hair wig, featured Wigs are. Popular color hairstyles are not suitable for everyone, choose the most suitable suit for you.

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So which wig is the most natural, it is definitely not the solution to the problem, so to get the most natural hair wig, you must ensure not only the quality of the hair but also the natural hairline and skin. The lace color must also ensure, as well as suit your hair.

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Price may be the factor that prevents you from buying more natural wigs, but trust me, this is definitely not important. Importantly, natural wigs will make you more confident and beautiful.

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