What is Ibogaine and How It Helps with Recovery

The United States has been fighting the opioid crisis for many years. With a variety of treatment and prevention programs in place, it’s still tough to get the scary numbers down. More than 10 million people 12 years or older misuse opioids. About 50,000 of them die from an opioid overdose every year.

The United States government is working hard to prevent the crisis from escalating. Drug rehab Florida is providing professional help and treatment for opioid addiction that begins with drug withdrawal and detox. While it’s working out rehab and substance control programs, researchers are discovering new ways to help battle opioid use.

One of the popular remedies is Ibogaine. Let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how this remedy can help with opioid use recovery.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug that can cause hallucinogenic effects similar to those induced by LSD or psilocybin (also called magic mushrooms). Even though it’s a drug with specific side effects, some research has shown that it can become a long-awaited solution to the opioid addiction problem.

Ibogaine is a substance found in iboga. Iboga is a plant that grows primarily in West Africa. For many years, it has been used for ceremonial purposes in certain African cultures. The root of this shrub is also used as a medicine.

In Africa, people use iboga for a variety of illnesses, including flu fever, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, and many more. According to experts from Clear Sky Recovery, Ibogaine treatment center, some users report that it prevents fatigue, improves libido, and helps fight substance abuse.

Today, more research needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of Ibogaine for recovery. The substance is currently illegal in the United States, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Croatia. However, it’s being actively used in other countries.

The main appeal of Ibogaine is its ability to help with recovery after just one use. The rest of the drugs like methadone or ibuprofen require systematic use.  

Ibogaine Treatment and Studies

While research is constantly being done to prove Ibogaine’s ability to help with recovery, many people are already using it in offshore clinics. Ibogaine targets certain neurochemical systems in the human brain. It stimulates a rapid reset that blocks opioid withdrawal symptoms and eliminates cravings.

With the right approach, Ibogaine could be used in a controlled in-hospital treatment to help with recovery.  

One of the biggest Ibogaine studies was conducted in Mexico where the substance is currently legal. The study examined changes in drug use in people who were taking Ibogaine. The study was published in May 2017 in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. According to the study, the majority of patients rated the Ibogaine treatment “very effective.”

Today, it’s possible to take advantage of Ibogaine treatment in Mexican clinics. More and more studies are currently in progress to help legalize Ibogaine in the United States.

Possible Side Effects

The information scientists have about iboga and Ibogaine today states that it can possibly be safe when taken by mouth in a hospital environment. Any treatment with Ibogaine must be done under the control of a healthcare professional. Without medical supervision, patients may not know how to react to possible side effects related to cardiovascular health or allergies.

Some potential side effects of Ibogaine use include:

  •         Erratic heartbeat
  •         Seizures
  •         Paralysis
  •         Breathing problems
  •         Hallucinations
  •         Anxiety
  •         Cardiovascular problems

To avoid problems when taking Ibogaine, it’s imperative to weigh the pros and cons of the treatment and consult a professional.

Before more information becomes available, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking Ibogaine.

The Takeaway: Can Ibogaine Help with Opioid Use Recovery?

Opioid abuse is a serious problem that affects millions of people every year. Researchers in all countries are constantly looking for ways to help with drug abuse recovery. Ibogaine has been around for centuries. However, its efficiency as a recovery drug hasn’t been discovered until recently.

Several studies have already confirmed Ibogaine’s ability to help people with opioid addiction. However, more research must be done to make sure that such treatment doesn’t cause serious side effects.

Today, it’s possible to take advantage of Ibogaine treatment outside the United States. It may take a while until it’s approved by the FDA.