AllWhat is Satta matka, and how can you play the game online?

What is Satta matka, and how can you play the game online?

Back in the times when India had just gained independence and struggled to sustain itself and its citizens, Satta Matka originated to entertain enthusiastic participants by taking part in this lottery. The citizens kept bets on the opening and closing rates of the cotton, which was imported from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange through teleprinters.

Previously known as Ankada play in the 1950s, the name has had its significant share of differences over the years. However, the symbol of ‘matka,’ which refers to the famous pot made of clay, has remained intact since the beginning.

In the olden times, when this lottery was played in specific spots in India, the winning numbers were chosen by only one person, and the winner would go home with vast amounts of money. Numbers ranging from zero to nine were written on paper and placed in the matka (leathern pot made of a fine mixture of clay and sand). However, today when the Satta matka is mainly played online, the winning numbers are automatically selected and auto-generated. The man who wins the jackpot is then referred to as the Satta king or the matka king.

Traditional satta matka

The Satta matka is played similarly as it was played in the olden times. However, people evolved; hence the rules of the games evolved too. The primary purpose has, however, seemed to be intact and has been followed by the people. The reason people played Satta matka was for entertainment and enthusiasm to win the money. The traditional Satta matka is of various types, and each type has its separate days and slightly different rules.

Various types are domestic satta matka, local satta matka, international satta matka, luck based satta matka and cryptic satta king. The variations are done by the organizers of the games; for example, domestic Satta matka is self-explanatory as the name suggests the game is usually played in the households. On the other hand, international Satta matka is played between participants from different countries that come together and bet on an amount set in the pot. Similarly, luck-based Satta matka and cryptic Satta matka have slightly different rules of playing no matter where the participants are. Likewise, the games vary from the days they are played. Some of them are played five days a week, whereas some are played all week long.

The game started playing mainly in India, where it caught the attention of the government. Satta matka was illegal, and if people were caught playing it, they would be punished accordingly. Hence, people started changing their location so they wouldn’t get caught. However, the police were in action and wouldn’t spare a moment to catch the culprits. People had to find other ways as it became a vital part of the culture as well as a means of earning money. They had to find different ways to keep the game playing. Therefore, with technology pacing, people shifted to Satta matka online.

Online Satta matka

With the world shifting to digitized gadgets, the years-old game has made its place in it too. The rules and regulations of the game have stayed entirely the same; however, as it has become online, the ways and procedures have changed. The players are required for registration to an online platform that has its headquarters in any city. Then, bets are placed on random numbers, and later, the system generates the winner. The payment is made to the bank accounts of the winner eventually. Although the game was initially illegal and is still illegal, online sites are somehow safer and trustworthy and can be legal in some parts of the world.

It can be said that Satta matka has become safer and easier to play as now you can play it sitting in your room with your screen in front of you. No efforts to go out and stay safe from the police. However, with online Satta matka, the dynamics have changed as the game was previously played for various factors, one of which was socialization. With online Satta matka, that is not possible. However, with every drawback comes the advantage. The advantage to online Satta matka is that you can play with the international players as well and bet on more significant amounts too!

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