What is the best way to start a career in big data analytics?


Data has become an integral part of the business industry and every organization depends upon it for impactful decision making. Only by analysing data effectively can a company better understand its target customers and come up with effective marketing strategies. Overall data is very crucial for finding relevant information that impacts every vertical and helps in meeting business objectives. 

 With a surge in data usage, demand for data analytics has also spiked in the market. As a result, students turn towards MSc Data Analytics to prepare for a dynamic and lucrative career ahead. 

If you are keen to start a career in this vast field then you have chosen well but you need to be well prepared because navigating through this sector can be a bit tricky for a fresher. Here are a few tips that can help you kick start your journey in the field of data analytics. 


Data is everywhere! 

Raw data is being generated in large quantities every minute and it is evaluated by Financeonline that around 94 zettabytes will be consumed in 2022. Organisations are hiring data analysts in huge numbers to fulfil the growing requirement leading to a massive number of job opportunities. 

Though this also proves that data is a vast field and new technology is only adding to the complexity of the subject. Hence, without suitable knowledge, you will struggle to understand or break into the industry. 


Invest in a good programme 

There are specific skill requirements that employers and recruiters seek in a candidate and you can only gain this relevant knowledge through a good programme. 

This will help you get an in-depth understanding of the field, the required skill set and will also allow you to decipher which job role to pick. Big data has a lot to offer in terms of job roles as you can be a developer, an analyst or even an administrator. 

Only by thoroughly acquainting yourself with the sector will you be able to understand which direction to take in terms of opting for the best job profile. 


Work on your skills 

 To be a big data analytic, you need to have certain technical expertise along with soft skills. While the programme will cover the technical aspect in detail, it will also touch upon some core transferable skills that are equally essential. 

Data visualization, programming, data mining and more are some of the technical skills you will be trained in whereas analytical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills are soft skills that you have to constantly work on. 

These skills are very vital to your job as you will have to troubleshoot problems, come up with creative solutions and also articulate your findings to clients and team members. 


Stay updated 

If you are considering a career in big data then it becomes important that you stay updated with this sector. This industry is booming with emerging trends and technology which vastly impacts the way business handles data. 

By being aware of these new changes, you will add to your knowledge and also make a good impression in front of your employer. This will help you do well in job interviews and also reflect your dedication to the field.