What is the most expensive area of London?

Anybody would enjoy a tad bit of luxury in their daily lives. London is one place where luxury is scattered across the neighbourhoods. Living in London is extremely pricey compared to other neighbourhoods in the UK. Based on recent studies, London is the most expensive place to live globally. Living here is both exciting and slightly baffling at times. Most investors head over to London properties to place their bids with the help of Marylebone estate agents or other local agencies in the vicinity. People who purchase buy-to-lets can acquire higher rental yields in certain boroughs of London. 


One of the most popular and Royal boroughs of London is Kensington. The average property value in this borough is £2,080,134, which attracts the wealthy crowds from across the globe to invest here. Kensington attracts most of the tourist groups to this neighbourhood, where a cluster of famous museums, churches, lush green gardens and parks are the main hotspots. Restaurants with world-class cuisines lure in more crowds to Kensington.


Situated close to the mighty Buckingham Palace, Westminster is a posh and frenetic place in Central London that has links to other parts of the city. Amongst the many boroughs competing to enter the list of most desirable neighbourhoods, Westminster ranks the highest every year. Properties in this region are an exclusive £3,099,172. London’s most famous Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace garden, St James Park are in Westminster. 


The wealthiest people and celebrities can be seen here in Kensington as it is the richest and most attractive neighbourhood in London. Households located here are especially appealing to the eyes and cost a whopping £2.8 million. Buying or renting is a bit challenging, however with Knightsbridge estate agents, one can get the best deals for a home. The famous Harrods and other luxury spots are located here. 


Hackney bags the seventh most affluent neighbourhood among the many other places in London. It is located in the Eastern part of the city and is best known for its splendid dining experience. People living here, especially young professionals and students, can enjoy the long nights, vibrant streets and a unique menu with mouth-watering cuisines. Homes in this neighbourhood cost an average of £933,000, making it an extravagant buy. 


This busy neighbourhood is packed with vintage shops and markets, which would confound the buyers as an economical place to live. The housing units here are an exorbitant deal summing up to £1.8 million. Nightlife at Camden is a dream which comprises clubs, old-school pubs, Roundhouse and Jazz Cafe. Camden is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in London, which comes with a humongous price. 


This neighbourhood shares its boundaries with Kensington and is often known jointly as Kensington and Chelsea. This sophisticated and opulent neighbourhood is known for the world-famous horticultural shows in the vibrant gardens every year. Rental yields are exceptionally high and a highly profitable business for landlords. Rarely does new properties stay available for sale. The skyrocketing demand for homes leads to quick sales even before the details are released. 


Located conveniently in the borough of Hammersmith, Fulham is an affluent neighbourhood with trees canopying the streets. Property prices in Fulham are on the higher end, and some of these properties are still on the affordable scale that encourages more sales. The trendy shops for home goods and small boutiques enhance the overall appearance of the neighbourhood. The average cost of buying a house in Fulham is a steep £1.2 million. Richmond Park and other prominent hotspots are nearby. 


One of the largest family-friendly areas is Wandsworth which is home to hundreds of residential properties. The community is very welcoming, and most families prefer moving here for this vibe. Houses in this neighbourhood range at £803,318 while lower-end properties are also abundant, giving several choices to people. Wandsworth has constantly been developing over the last few years and expanding exponentially, where people from various professions are seen here. 


Richmond serves as the best place to live out of London, yet close to it. This borough emanates a beautiful country vibe, with the river Thames flowing alongside the place. People who wish to stay away from the city’s chaos and frogmarch usually move into Richmond. Most properties here are valued at £838,527, and people never fail to rush to get the best homes on sale. 


Compared to the other neighbourhoods of London, Islington is popularly identified for its liveliness. This dynamic locality is lined up with many retail stores, pubs, resto-bars, and numerous restaurants. Property buyers can invest £796,275 to get a decent house at Islington. Several Victorian homes with gardens are also available in plenty. With growing popularity over the years, Islington is one of the most crowded areas of inner London.