What is the Most Popular Meal in KFC?

If you’re in search of a KFC International menu, chances are you’ve already thought about the classics. However, there are a number of lesser known menu options to explore. In fact, many people have stumbled upon a meal that may be completely unexpected.

Grilled chicken

If you haven’t tried KFC’s grilled chicken, it may be time to do so. It’s a healthier alternative to the Original Recipe fried chicken that many KFC fans love. Known for its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, this delicious chicken is available for purchase at select locations.

Unlike Original Recipe fried chicken, the Kentucky Grilled Chicken is not coated in fat-absorbing flour. Instead, it’s grilled with skin on. As a result, it’s lower in fat and calories, but it still tastes great.

There are several different types of grilled chicken to choose from. Some of the most popular are the mighty wing, chicken sandwich, and original recipe breast. All of these chicken items are available at KFC.

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Whether you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet or just looking for something delicious to serve with your fried chicken, KFC mashed potatoes and gravy are a great option. They’re easy to make and come with few ingredients. But there are a few important facts you need to know about the popular KFC side dish.

The KFC world menu is full of interesting options. You can choose from a variety of spicy, Kentucky grilled, or dark meat chicken. Or you can go for one of their famous bowls. Each of these has a different cheese blend, crispy chicken, and gravy.

While it’s true that the KFC Famous Bowl is full of calories, there’s no need to feel guilty. In fact, the calories and fat aren’t even that bad.


Coleslaw is one of the most popular side dishes served at KFC. This delicious, crunchy, and creamy salad is perfect for summertime barbecues and picnics. It pairs well with pulled pork sandwiches, fried chicken, and other foods.

Coleslaw is made with shredded cabbage and carrots, which are tossed in a tangy, mayonnaise-based dressing. For the best results, stir the mixture often.

When making coleslaw, you should make sure you use fresh ingredients. The key to the recipe’s taste is granulated sugar. Sugar helps balance the acidity of the lemon juice.

To make a traditional recipe, begin by finely chopping the cabbage and carrots. You can also grate a shallot into the mix.


KFC biscuits are one of the most popular meals at the fast food chain. Served as an accompaniment to fried chicken, they are flaky, buttery and have a golden exterior. They are available in many variations.

The most popular KFC dish is the biscuit and gravy sandwich, but it isn’t the only thing on the menu. There’s also the Pot Pie. While this is an unusual item, it’s not something I recommend as a side with other chicken meals.

Biscuits and gravy are a traditional Southern staple. In the antebellum South, they were a Sunday treat, and were reserved for working class families. Often, they were served with jam or bacon gravy.


You might have heard of pouting, but you might not have seen it on menus at KFC. Pouting is a Canadian dish that consists of French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

This simple dish has a long history. It began in rural Quebec during the 1950s. Eventually, pouting spread across Canada and even the US. There are many places where you can get pouting, including KFC. Here are a few of them.

First of all, it is a popular item in restaurants like Wendy’s. Their pouting is tasty. They also have a good amount of cheese, and their fries are pretty good. However, they have not yet mastered the perfect pouting.


The KFC fried chicken sandwich is the second most popular menu item. It contains a lot of cheese, chicken, and mashed potatoes. In addition, it has plenty of gobs of gravy.