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What is the Procedure of Lasik Eye Surgery?

Today, Lasik eye surgery is very common for you. Generally, you might have heard many things about Lasik surgery. Some of it might be true. Whereas you should know that some of it might be false. So, if you are thinking of going through Lasik surgery you must know all the basics. Such as the cost, the advantages, the risks of Lasik surgery for your eye. Especially, you should be aware of the procedure of Lasik surgery. It is normal for you to understand how your ophthalmologist will operate your eye surgery. 

Now, when we talk about the average cost of Lasik surgery in India, you will find that it is worth it. Usually, Lasik surgery has been proved better for your vision. As a result, the money you will spend for Lasik surgery will be worth your every penny. In addition to that, with Lasik surgery, you can improve in very little time.

Furthermore, Lasik surgery has many benefits. Firstly, and most importantly with all the research, you should know that the success rate of Lasik surgery is very high. So, you will not need to worry about the chances of unsuccessful eye surgery. Secondly, when you go through a Lasik surgery the chances of you hurting or feeling pain is very low. Mainly because the doctor numbs your eye with some drops to ease the surgery for you. Thirdly, you can see the improvement in your vision in a very less period. However, it is preferred that you do not put a lot of pressure on your eyes during your early after surgery period. Your eyes are a sensitive area of your body. Thus, you must take care well to avoid any problems. One thing you can do is know a procedure.

The Procedure of Lasik Eye Surgery

Before moving ahead you must know that Lasik surgery is a surgery that helps you in improving your vision. But only 90% of surgeries are successful. Although, if you are one of the people that has not seen any improvement in your vision, you can contact your doctor just to get better results. In addition to that, with so many technologies you should not worry about your vision. You will find many surgeries that can help you with your vision. Furthermore, with the 90% success rate of eye Lasik surgery in Delhi, you do not need to worry about Lasik surgery too. And the procedure of Lasik surgery is simple too.


First of all, your Lasik surgery generally involves two steps:

  • The making of your corneal flap
  • Reshaping your cornea

Now, your corneal flap is created with the flap-making instrument. Whereas your cornea is reshaped by an excimer laser. Normally, your Lasik surgery is completed in 15 minutes. Usually, your doctor will complete your surgery in 15 minutes or a maximum of 20 minutes. However, in this 15 minutes of procedure, your doctor will only use the laser for a minimum of one minute. Generally, the procedure for your surgery starts before 15 days of surgery. Especially if you used to wear contact lenses. The reason behind this is your cornea takes time to reshape after you remove your contact lenses. So, you should stop wearing contact lenses at least one week before your surgery. 

On the day of your surgery, your doctor will put some drops in your eye to numb the pain. After that, you will be guided to rest on the operating bed. Right when you will be relaxing on the bed, your eyelids will be gently held open. Your doctor will carefully position the precision flap-making instrument. Usually, your doctor will ask you to focus on a special focused light. After that, your doctor will activate the precision instrument. Later a second your doctor will be able to fold away your corneal flap, by revealing the middle layer of your cornea. After that, your doctor will be reshaping your cornea. Lastly, your doctor will reposition your corneal flap. Generally, the natural forces help your flap in place until your surface is healed completely. 

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