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What to Consider When Buying T-shirt printing machine

A word t-shirt is a short form of tee shirt which is derived from the T shape of its sleeves and body of this kind of cloth. It is a style of fabric that is collarless,with or without sleeves usually round neck. It is made of soft, absorbent fabric which is smooth, light stretchy, and easy to clean fabric

In today’s modern world you will find many different types of t-shirts made of different materials ranging from polyesters to cotton-like and are readily available especially in the third world countries since they come second hand. There are those specifically made for men and others for women but generally, a t-shirt can be worn by any gender. All these thanks to technology that has brought machines that can make production and printing of the same easier

In this article, we are looking at the characteristics of a good long-lastingt-shirtprinting machine that may help you if you are interested in buying one.


The quality of your print will largely depend on the Ink that is being used. Inkjet printers will do a better job if not the best. If you have a higher budget you can acquire a sublimation machinesince with this there is no working with doubts.

Dot per inch (DPI)

This is a term used in printing which means displaying images in pixels and printing is done in dots. The higher the DPI the better since this means that the printing will be sharp and clearer but if the DPI is lower blurry images will be produced.This factor is to be considered especially if you are printing many t-shirts


When it comes to cost depending on the make that you would go for t shirt printing machine in Kenya can vary. Generally, you will have to check on your budget and what you are willing to spend when acquiring on.

Heat transfer paper

The fabric of the t-shirt will determine how it will appear after printing. The correct setting of the machine is necessary in order to achieve a shiny finish.It will also ensure uniform and or even heating

Time consumption

If you are running a business, you might want something that can serve you faster but for a longer time. There are many machines that can start print as fast as less than one minute and others take longer. The quality should be the driver in this case when making a decision since most of the time those machines that take less time to start printing may not last long.

Sublimation technology

The production of ink when heated is what is known as sublimation.Check the time it takes to produce the ink, and the quality of ink it produces. you wouldn’t want a machine that takes long to produce ink and when it does the quality is poor.


The above are just but a few tips on what one needs to put into consideration in acquiring a t-shirt printing machine. There are other characteristics such as model, size, and even color that one can look into before making a decision of buying one.

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