What to Do to Stop Loose Motion?

Amidst this covid19 times, everyone is worried about their health. People are taking best precautions and ensuring that they do not fall sick. If you feel that you are not feeling well or you have cough, loose motions, sore throat or similar complains, do not hesitate to  take RTPCR test. The test would help you know if you have covid19 or not.

Even if you don’t have covid19 and you are experiencing extreme loose motions, you don’t panic. You can do diverse types of things to control your motions and get better.  For example, you lose motion can be challenging to deal with but is conveniently curable. Take abundance of fluids and easy-to digest-foods like that of curd, bananas, rice, apples, and toast. Consuming such bland and easy-to-digest foods to cease loose motion is going to help in binding and firming up your stools. Remember that  you need to increase liquid intake to compensate for the absence of fluids from your body. Once you consume a lot of water, W.H.O. based ORS (Oral rehydration, diluted fresh juices and so on,  you will heal.

So, since you know now How to Stop Loose Motion, you can at least try these things out. Who knows you get relief and get better soon!