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What to Do with Your Free Time

If you are visiting or planning to visit Milwaukee you may be curious as to what there is to do in the area. Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and can therefore house a ton of fun activities and beautiful sites.


Throughout Milwaukee, you can find numerous museums that may fit your interests. The famous Harley-Davidson Museum can be found in downtown Milwaukee that offers motorcycle enthusiasts a glimpse of this iconic American company. If motorcycles don’t spark your interest, perhaps the Milwaukee Art Museum or the Milwaukee Public Museum are a better fit with their art displays and exciting exhibits.


The Milwaukee County Zoo hosts a variety of animals, aquatic life, reptiles, and more. With beautiful outdoor exhibits and buildings that include animals such as big cats or seals, the zoo is always a good place to spend your day.


Enjoying locally crafted brews may be more interesting and fun to you. With numerous breweries such as the Lakefront Brewery a wide range of brews are available. Not only can you try different types of brews, but brewery tours are also widely available to show how they are created. 

Public Market

The Milwaukee Public Market is home to dozens of shops, restaurants, and places to hang out. Many food options are available for you to enjoy while at the market or for you to take home and create your own cuisines. Varying from homemade ice cream and to fresh seafood, this place is a foodie’s dream.

Historical Sites

Milwaukee is also home to a few historical landmarks including Pabst Mansion and Basilica of St. Josaphat. Built in the Flemish Renaissance style, the Pabst Mansion, features 37 rooms and 14 fireplaces for tour visitors to admire and learn about the history of the Pabst family. The Basilica of St. Josaphat offers visits and tours and regular Sunday mass. The architecture and beauty of this basilica was built over 115 years ago and is unmatched.


If you’re looking to go for an easy stroll with a nice view and things to see, Milwaukee RiverWalk is where you should go. Lined with cool downtown buildings and local shops and cafes along the river there’s no wonder why it’s a local favorite. The RiverWalk ties three riverfront neighborhoods together to provide you with some of the best city life all within walking distance.

While exploring the Milwaukee atmosphere, you may find yourself searching for Milwaukee houses for sale to see if you can call this place home. While these are a few activities you can partake in, there are also too many to list.

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