What to Wear to an Indian Wedding as a Guest


When you receive an invitation to an Indian wedding, just the invite’s grandeur will give you a glimpse of the magnificence you are potentially about to witness. You can imagine the kind of colors, outfits, festivities, and traditions that would transpire and your excitement might just fly over the roof!

However, you might instantly be lost when you think about what you’d wear and where you could find the best wedding collections. As a wedding guest, you’ll need to know all about the customs of an Indian wedding and what’s acceptable when it comes to your outfit.

Plus, there will be pre, nuptial, and post-wedding ceremonies happening throughout the wedding, each requiring a different outfit!

Yes, we know it can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time attending an Indian wedding. However, all you need are a few tips and you’ll find yourself lost in the beauty of Indian attire!

What to Wear?

When you’re attending an Indian wedding, looking for an expansive wardrobe is important, as you’ll be looking at various ceremonies. Each of these usually comes with a designated dress code that matches the theme of the ceremony. This theme is what will help you choose your outfits and looks.

Looking for sparkle and glam when choosing for outfits, as modern-day weddings do not specifically call for strict, traditional Indian wear. Opt for sorbet colors and play with silhouettes, patterns, fabric, and more. You can even mix things up, by fusing interesting western attire with your Indian clothes, like wearing a crop top as your blouse or even with a lehenga and choli.

Fusion wear makes a great outfit for Indian receptions, as the themes call out for vibrant and relaxed looks. However, when deciding what to wear for the main event, try to pick Indian weaves like silk or silk-cotton blends which are authentically Indian but inherently modern and chic.

Factor Comfort Into Your Outfit

Like we mentioned, an Indian wedding involves multiple processions and ceremonies, which means it could last for over several hours. You can never be overdressed at an Indian wedding, so it might seem like a great option to bust out all your prettiest jewelry, your sleekest heels, and other accessories on the heavier side.

While embracing your style and color palette is an important factor, try to factor in your comfort as well. Pick outfits, colors, accessories, and footwear that not only resonate with your style and vibe with the wedding but also that are balanced and breathable.

Indian Wedding Attire Etiquette

Indian Traditions and Wedding Etiquettes are something that is an absolute must for you to look into! Indians are very particular about their custom and things that may seem normal to you as a guest might seem very odd or even unsettling for them.

For example, some families and religions might accept formal gowns for engagement parties or receptions, while some might expect to see outfits from Indian wedding collections.

Another factor to pay close attention to is colors. Indian brides tend to wear red or pink for the main wedding ceremonies, and it is an unspoken custom for no one other than the bride to wear them. This might not be a strict custom but might cause upset to some of the attendees of family members.

White and Black are also not commonly accepted wedding colors, as both of them symbolize death in Indian customs, and are usually a funeral color.

Some traditions might also require both men and women to cover their heads, which is why try bringing a scarf or wear a saree with a long drape. You might also have to take off your footwear at some ceremonies, so ensure you’re prepared for that too.

Finding a great wedding collection for Indian Weddings can seem daunting, but once you get to looking for outfits, you’ll find yourself mesmerized! So keep these tips in mind and pay heed to what the invitation says about the theme and dress code before you pick your attire.

This way, you’ll have nothing to worry about except looking beautiful while standing in those painfully fabulous 6-inch heels!