TechnologyWhat you need to know about milking machines for cows

What you need to know about milking machines for cows

Are you tired of the old-fashioned milking methods? Do you spend too much time milking your cows? Or perhaps you spend so much money implementing a workforce or employing people to milk your cows.

This article will educate you on the effects of milking machines and the aspects to consider before purchasing one.

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The benefits of milking machines include:

  • Labor costs are reduced.
  • Milk quality will improve.
  • Reduced reliance on skilled farm laborers.
  • It reduces strain 3-4 times faster than hand milking throughout the lactation stage.
  • Allows for the rearing of a larger herd.
  • There is establishment of good milking routines
  • It increases milk yield.


  • Someof the older cows used to manual milking may struggle to adapt to machine milking.
  • It requires a high starting investment and staff training.
  • Plenty of water is required for cleaning equipment.
  • A backup power supply is required.
  • It is critical to have prompt service and spare parts available.
  • Failure to follow strict procedures would result in severe contamination and an increased incidence of mastitis.

Aspects to consider when buying a milking machine

The manual labor costs and quality

The labor cost in Kenya is not high, so it might not be a huge factor, but purchasing a machine is less expensive in the long run when considering the milking machine for cows price Kenya. Auto-digestion is required to cut costs where labor costs are high.

However, experienced milking personnel are in short supply. Those hired to milk do a poor job, frequently deciding to leave milk stylishster the udder. Ranchers can solve this issue by using milking machines.

How many cattle do you own?

You can install a milking device for one cow because it is not a cheap endeavor. If your herd has 5 to 10 milking cows, only one cow milking machine would be ideal. A herd of many cows necessitates a giant machine.

Both large-scale and small-scale farmers can purchase such machines for milking their cows. These machines are best suited for large-scale farmers who produce a large amount of milk. Using these machines on large herds is less expensive than on small-scale dairy farms. Dairy farmers with many cows who make a large amount of milk should use these machines to decrease the extra expense of employing labor on their milking farms.


A power source is essential because several milking machines are electrically powered. However, where power is unavailable, you can use simple internal combustion or solar to power the vacuum or milk pumps.

The amount of milk produced.

Maybe you are a large-scale dairy farmer who is sick of the monotonous traditional milking methods. Manual milking strategies are only suitable for small-scale dairy farmers. Still, if you’re a large-scale farmer, you should invest in a milking device to make milking quicker, more enjoyable, and cost-effective. Dairy farmers with large herds benefit from milking machines because it saves them from employing an excessive number of workers on one milking farm.

To sum up

Large-scale farmers must use these machines when they want to maximize milk production from their farm animals. By installing such cow milking machines, you can avoid the unnecessary expense of employing many workers.

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